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DaveNDebbie 06-09-2006 10:14 PM

Thru-hull transducers
We have removable plastic transducers (we can remove the 'ducer without removing the thru-hull) but the instruments are shot. Don't want to haul the boat. Does anyone know a way to change them in the water? Any experience with doing this? I read somewhere about someone changing theirs using a plunger. Seems to me it would collapse from the pressure and you'd have a hard time getting it off. Thanks for your help.

Dave and Debbie Johnsen
S/V Serenasea
Hunter Vision 32
Antioch, CA

GordMay 06-10-2006 05:41 AM

Acquire the new transducers, or blank ‘ducer “plugs" - then do a quick in-the-water changeout . It only takes a few seconds to pull the old transducer, then insert the new (matching) one. No need to cover the apeture (plunger) from outside.
Be prepared to be startled by a little geyser of inflowing water. You’ll take in a gallon of water, but no big deal.

DaveNDebbie 06-10-2006 03:29 PM

Thank you for your reply. We figured that was probably the case, the concern is, are the new transducers removable and, if so, will they fit the old thru-hulls. We're looking at the Navman M3100 and Raymarine ST60.

sailandoar 06-10-2006 10:26 PM

Don't know for sure but I think that there is a fair amount of standardization in the 'removable' transducers. 'Airmar' is one of the manufacturers. I doubt that this is an area where every body makes their own and they are all a bit different. Give a call to tech support of one or more of these companies that make the sounders you are interested in and ask questions. They might very well interchange. Be prepared with ALL measurements of your exisiting unit before you call.

GordMay 06-11-2006 07:10 AM

Goto Airmar at:
and look up the spec’s on the “P79", or search Raymarine ST60, or Navman.
They’ll have installation instructions, dimensions, wiring diagrams, etc.
There are several different transducer diameters, but (I belive) Raymarine usually uses the 2" dia (mayber 1-11/16").

hellosailor 06-12-2006 06:37 PM

Dave, if the maker of the new gear is certain it will fit the existing thru-hull (and you'll be luckier than most if anyone will guarantee that fit<G>) then I would also make sure to buy it from a vendor who will agree, up front with no doubts, that you can RETURN IT if it does not fit.
Then take it to the boat, try to swap senders, if it does not big deal. As Gord says, it won't be as much water as you think it is.<G> Yes, you can plug the hole from the outside with a plunger, a tupperware bowl, or a ball of beeswax (Sold as a toilet bowl floor seal, cheaply) if you want to stop/slow the water to a trickle. The beeswax pulls free cleanly, plugs neatly, makes a simple solution. But the time it should take you to pull your transducer, swap in a new one, see if it fits/not and if necessary swap the old one back...shouldn't be a problem. A gallon or two, and even if you let in three or five gallons, that's not going to sink most boats.<G>

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