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Brezzin 09-10-2007 07:47 PM

Years that Hunter produced Cherubini Designs
Taken from the hunterowners website

by J Cherubini II on 9/5/07

John Cherubini designs
The first boat my dad designed for Hunter (getting the contract through Bob Seidelmann) was the H-25, what I call on here the 'Mk 1', in 1972. The boat was produced for the '73 model year. (Mine is a '74. It was built in Marlboro, NJ, and sold by Sails Aweigh in Mantoloking, about 35 miles from where I found and bought it.)

There followed, in this order, the 30 in '73, the 27, in '74, the 33, the 37, then the 35 and 36 (essentially both stretched 33s), the 54 in '78-79. The 25 and some others went through redesign by the time my dad was busier with the C-44 and C-48 for Cherubini Boat (and the Raider 33 later). You will note that the hull of the 25 looks pretty dated with its narrow IOR-flavored transom by the time of the new (raised)deck mold, about '77 or '78.

By '81 my father was very ill and Hunter, through the influence of Warren Luhrs and Lars Bergstrom, sought other design ideas. The first non-Cherubini new Hunter model was the 31, in '82. It was designed by Cort Steck (who was about my age. I called him 'the whippersnapper'). By '83, when my dad died, there were all-new Hunter models coming out, eventually attributed to the 'Hunter Design Team'-- much more heavily influenced by marketing than my dad's designs ever were) and the once-lowly, now-stalwart 27 was the last Cherubini design produced by Hunter. I would very much like to know who has the highest-HIN 27, for this representes the very LAST Cherubini-designed hull to have been built by Hunter Marine.

Intrepid9M 12-03-2007 09:13 AM

years that hunter produced cheribini designs
Do not have knowledge on the H-27 but would appreciate any information that you can provide on the Cherubini Raider 33, primarily sailing characteristics etc.


kairchuan 02-05-2009 11:25 AM

Is the following H-27 HIN the highest in your records? HUN54277M78J-27


STTnBama 02-05-2009 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by kairchuan (Post 443676)
Is the following H-27 HIN the highest in your records? HUN54277M78J-27


He quoted the article from the Hunter website.

scottyt 02-09-2009 03:05 PM

my hunter 27 is hun55222*m83g i left out * just in case. it is an 83

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