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ThornyJack77 08-24-2013 05:27 PM

Ahoy, Sailors and fellow Newport 212 owners!
Greetings folks from Sailnet!

I have a 1975 Newport 212 and love it so much, it made it into my Pre-Nup. I pulled this tub out of the woods, where it had been for twelve years and yes, it was rough. Four months of restoration, begging, borrowing, stealing, making parts, one sailing lesson, and a book and I've been sailing her for 5 summers. The swing keel was a complete disaster as it appears to be for others I read about, but other than that, she's a dream. I love this boat and I'd love even more to get any and all information on it, which is scarce. Please drop a line, especially if you own one.

Thorny Jack

dasreboot 12-20-2013 08:20 AM

Re: Ahoy, Sailors and fellow Newport 212 owners!
just was searching and saw your post. I sailed one for a couple of years in woodbridge, va. I thought the lifting method worked great and was troublefree. Suprised to see others with problems.

ThornyJack77 12-22-2013 07:46 PM

Re: Ahoy, Sailors and fellow Newport 212 owners!
Hello Dasreboot

Thank you for the reply! The problem with the swing keel seems to be that it is over engineered and the cabin is placed over all the mechanisms leaving little and no access. My first disaster happened when the bow pulley let go, leaving no leverage to lift anything. The second time, the cable itself snapped. When I got the boat, the keel had rusted and swelled to the point where it would not move inside the track. I chipped 14 lbs (yes I weighed it) of rust off to free it and although the track inside was a mess, it worked for a few years. The boat had one access panel just before the mast to see the keel and its rollers when they were in the down position. The bow had an access panel to the pulley but when I removed it, it was little more than a small hole for the wiring to the nav lights. There is another pulley midship on the port side. This had a small (useless) access hole in the port storage. I opened up all the access points and added another one in front of the mast, giving me access to the cable. When the cable finally snapped, I knew there was way to much resistance in the keel roller track. Both times, I had to swim under the boat and lift the keel back inside while two of the crew wrapped a rope around the hull. Being beyond the time and skills I had at that point, I brought it to a boat yard where they eliminated most of the assembly. There is now a snatch block forward of the mast and the cable is fed from the keel, around the pulley, and it ends with a handle which clips into a cleat at the back of the trunk. This is used to lift the keel up. The lowering cable remained the same, and there is a new track and rollers. The original set up was cool and might have worked when new, but it was near impossible to access the critical components. The only thing I lost was a bit of ease (no block and tackle) and the ability to adjust the depth. It is either up or down. A couple more cleats can fix this but I really don't need it.

One more thing. Do you know if it is called a Newport "twenty-one-two", or "two-twelve"? All I have is some info online and I've never talked to anyone familiar with these boats until now. Thanks again.


dasreboot 12-23-2013 07:37 AM

Re: Ahoy, Sailors and fellow Newport 212 owners!
yep I guess if that happened then the keel would fail. This was in 1990 (seems like yesterday) so it was a little newer. I do remember wondering how I would ever get it out. When the keel was alot newer I thought the ramp system was a good way to do it. If the lifting tackle fails on my current boat (catalina 25) the boat would probably sink.

I always thought it was a newport 21. At that time I went to the boat us library on alexandria and found some info listed under newport 21. Thought that was a great boat. I have very fond memories of it.

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