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gedds1993 11-17-2013 01:04 AM

Hello fellow dreamers!
An introduction is the best start to any conversation, so let me begin. (be warned this will be quite lengthy)

My name is Benjamin, Ben for short but my grandfather called me Benji. I am not 100% sure if I want to be known as Ben or Benji for my future sailor name, but I will let you all decide. As for the basics of who I am, I am a current college student studying nuclear engineering. I have the aspirations of joining the navy after college and becoming a navel officer. My grandfather served in the navy for 30 years and I have always loved science. My decision to go into the nuclear field was lead by a good friend of my who is a current reactor operator. He also served in the navy. Besides these influences of the navy, I also just simply see the benefit of the navy due to the gain of experience and dependability of a job. I currently live in South Carolina near lake Murray, so if your local say hi!

Now to the reason of why I have joined this forum. I have recently (within the past year or so) learned I love the idea of sailing. Being able to recently take a trip with a friend that owns a sailboat was the deal breaker. We went sailing around lake Murray, and although it might have only been a lake and a small sailboat with a cabin I was beyond intrigued. I was astounded. Since that day I have been randomly searching on craigslist and ebay for a relatively local (within 500 miles) fixer-upper. Why am I looking for a fixer-upper? A few reason actually, the first is I am a lowly college student that can't afford to throw more then a grand into a dream at one time. Second reason is I believe I am capable to make repairs and I also know people who have done this work before to help guide me. Third reason, I believe that if my first sailboat is one that I have rebuilt myself I will hold more of an appreciation and love for it and sailing.

***That being said if you have a fixer-upper or know of one that meets the 500 mile distance and $1000 limit and might be able to sail on the ocean since my dream includes sailing the east coast, PLEASE by all means tell me about it!***

Now to the real reason I have joined this forum. I am beyond inexperienced. I know basically nothing about actually sailing. I understand how to repair and replace things, how to modify and redesign based on original specs, basic boat design, and advance mechanical understanding but I know nothing about sailing or sail boats specifically. This is not to mean I will not be learning because that is the complete opposite of what I will do. See my reason for joining this forum besides the fact I can get advice, is to meet people who are willing to help a dreaming college student understand and learn. To meet people who are willing to teach, who are willing to demonstrate, and who are willing to mentor. I want to learn and I need help doing so. I am not to proud to ask, I am actually proud enough to admit it.

So to you reading this, Thank you! To you who are reading this and reply, Thank you and cheers to hopefully finding new friends with the same dreams as mine.

chall03 11-17-2013 07:54 AM

Re: Hello fellow dreamers!
Hey Gedds welcome to Sailnet.

This is a great place to ask a lot of questions an get some good advice. Lots of good people with lots of experience.

Best of luck finding a cheap boat! ( I am not local sorry, I'm in Sydney Australia so can't really help :( )

Sailing is a great Dream. I was bitten by the sailing bug when I was 21 and it is still a huge passion.

jimgo 11-17-2013 09:45 PM

Re: Hello fellow dreamers!
Welcome Ben! There are a lot of threads started by other dreamers, too. Strongly suggest that you read through those, there is a LOT of good advice in them.

gamayun 11-18-2013 12:38 AM

Re: Hello fellow dreamers!
Welcome! You must know there are plenty of nuclear subs in the Navy so that could be a great career. If you do join the military, they also have MWR programs (morale, welfare and recreation) that basically allow you to rent sailboats all over the US; the world, too, I imagine. As to sailing now, keep on searching but don't jump on the first junk you see. You'll find the right boat to learn on. Look at lots of them and try not to bite off more than you can handle. A smaller boat = (likely) fewer problems, which will also cost less to maintain in the long run. We've gotten Cal 20s here on the West Coast for free, which are really great first-timer boats that have been sailed to Hawaii and other places and back. So, find something that is (truly) sound and then put the money into rigging and sails, which will cost you $$, but it can be done reasonably. Make sure you know what to do to stay safe when all else is breaking loose around you. Never be shy about asking lots of questions. The people here are great. But do filter and do your due diligence on the answers. Ignore the ornery ones ;) And....always....always....never stop learning.

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