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sammy112350 01-30-2010 01:23 PM

An old man want to start sailing!
Hi all
My name is Sammy, originally from Egypt, I am 60 years old, never sailed a boat before!
I intend to buy a 27-30' boat and sail it across the Atlantic! crazy? Maybe. the question for the experts, what chance of success do I have?
If the chance is 50/50 I like to take it.
I am wide open for tips in any kind.
Please help with as much advices as you can.
PC.This is the like boat I like to buy "1977 CAL 2-27
1977 Cal 27’ Used Sailboat"

slowpoke 01-30-2010 01:39 PM

young fellow
your just a kid, go for it.

WanderingStar 01-30-2010 01:39 PM

Study and practice locally. You can work your way up to it.

kaluvic 01-30-2010 01:59 PM

Do you have any buddies with any experience who would go with you?
I think your chances are better than 50/50 if you just buy a boat and head off.
Just to put that in perspective, that’s like putting 3 bullets in a six shooter and playing Russian roulette.

Stillraining 01-30-2010 02:13 PM

a soild 80/20 at least.....with common sence, a sound boat,some weather and navigation skills and some McGiverisum and good health.. it ain't rocket never learn to sail an ocean till your out there...Go For it!

It's the old formula in reverse were 20% of the people do 80% of the work...and enjoy 80% of the sucess..:)

kaluvic 01-30-2010 02:40 PM

We are talking about single handing right?

chris_gee 01-30-2010 02:48 PM

If you would do something like this with a 50/50 chance you don't have the right attitude to go sailng.
Would those who encourage you be prepared to go with you?
I doubt that the boat is more than a coastal cruiser and although they are inexpensive you should probably allow $20,000 to equip it and bring it to standard.
Sixty is not too old, but I suggest you do some sailing first to learn something about it.
While people here would help you, the obvious first step, if this was a genuine aim rather than a pipe dream, would be for you to take the responsibility of researching learning all you can from material easily accessible rather than expecting to be spoonfed.
It may be possible to do what you plan, but irresponsible for someone who knows nothing about it.
I would say your chances are much less than 50% at this stage. While your boat and your life have no more value than you put on them, you also put others at risk if they have to attempt to rescue you. Their families may value their lives higher.

sammy112350 01-30-2010 03:09 PM

Thanks a lot for all your interest to reply to my inquiry.
Take it easy Chris dear, you can submit your opinion fairly without being that harsh.
My plain is not that shallow though.
I intend to buy the boat, fix it, add supply and necessary equipment then try to gain some experience and attend classes for several months first, also, I try to convince my 25 years son to company me. he is about to graduate from pharmacy school, still he doesn't have any experience being in a boat before, but he is in god shape physically and possible to have one or two of his friends with us.
I really appreciate all your replies and interest.
Thanks a lot.
(please don't use big English words, for as you can tell English is not my first tong.

kaluvic 01-30-2010 03:27 PM

Well that plan sounds good Sammy, maabrook...where are you located?

sammy112350 01-30-2010 03:38 PM


Originally Posted by kaluvic (Post 565360)
Well that plan sounds good Sammy, maabrook...where are you located?

Thanks a lot dear.
I live in Albany, NY. I am retired and have no much friends.
I love to have friends though.

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