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AlaskaChowd 04-27-2010 12:25 AM

It says "Introduce Yourself" so... goes:
Hi...I'm Luke. Forty-four years old (how the #$#% did THAT happen?!) and currently living in north San Diego County.

Grew up...sailing my Hobie Cat 16 (tequila sunrise sail colors...a sign of things to come) off the beach in front of my home in northern Massachusetts (where my parents still live). Crewed a lot in local races during college and shortly afterwards (foredeck usually); crewed on a couple of November deliveries on the East Coast around 1990; and came THIS CLOSE to buying a 1950-something Hinckley yawl back then. Thank goodness I was about ten grand short...and Mom wouldn't front me the difference since she knew what I had in mind.

Anyway...moved to the Rockies, became a mountain man and yet was able to build a career. Eventually wound up in Alaska (and kept the career going...go figure). That career brought me to San Diego three years ago, and while I'm not much for SoCal, it has been awesome getting back into the ocean-and-beach lifestyle: surfing daily, and took a few ASA courses (including a four-day trip out to Catalina), at which time I was gratified to realize I still knew what I was doing.

Now...taking time off from said career and looking to crew whenever wherever. And that dream that almost became a Hinckley, well, it's back in full force (although I'll get something somewhat more up-to-date, methinks).

Looking forward to interacting here on SailNet.
Best to all,

WanderingStar 04-27-2010 07:04 AM

Welcome. Good idea, good luck. You should post in the "crew wanted" section. And find a way to meet local sailors.

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