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creekhound 06-20-2010 04:54 PM

Chasing dreams
I guess ill start with the mushy part.I am young but very driven.I god willing am in position to retire young at 49!It is a joint dream of me and my wife to do some coastal sailing after i retire.But i know nothing of sailing I am 24 with 2 kids and a modest at best budget.Every thing else is put away for the future dad always said its not how much you make but how much you can save.I would love to have 3 boats in this life time.A small boat to learn on 16 feet or less, A over night cruiser in a few years when kids are older you know spending weekends at the lake 25 feet or so, And after i retire a coastal cruiser to hop from port to port down the coast.And i know before any one says it big dreaming right lol.But here is where i stand my first step in this journey is here to ask for help.I want a small sail boat but dont know how to pick one lasers and sunfish look to sporty and fast pace i am looking for fun cruising.This boat will be bought used and after looking at used prices i could almost git over night cruisers for the same money as smaller boats.For now all sailing would be done at a couple small lakes maybe brookville but thats a little big to start i think.Also do small sailboats prepair you for the bigger boats.Sorry this is long winded and thanks for any help.

creekhound 06-20-2010 08:13 PM

what are the thoughts on sailing canoes?

CaptainForce 06-21-2010 09:35 AM

I know nothing of sailing a canoe, but there are many good options for small sailboats on lakes. We retired at 55 and we've been coastal cruising from Maine to the Bahamas since that time. I agree that the money side of your plan and your father's advice are most important. Spending less than your income is survival. Spending far less than your income is luxury! If a person learns to sail on a small boat they will develop a greater skill than is available to someone learning on a larger boat. Small boats give immediate feedback and allow the learner to better feel the response of their actions. The transfer of these skills to a larger boat will be easy. The only new skill to later learn with the larger boat will be maneuvering in and out of the dock with currents and wind. Take care and joy, Aythya crew

deniseO30 06-21-2010 09:56 AM

sailing a canoe can be fun and educational. Plan on getting wet! there is actually a canoe sailing association.

creekhound 06-21-2010 09:16 PM

Thanks for the kind words.Does anyone have any suggestions on small boats or at least a style to look for.

bljones 06-21-2010 10:38 PM

Where do you plan to sail? Location has a big impact on choosing the right boat. How many plan to sail, and how big are they? Size matters. There are any number of small suitable boats for learning how to sail, but the best boat for a small framed solo sailor on small sheltered inland lakes may not be the right boat for an ex-linebacker and his family of four sailing on Lake Superior.

creekhound 06-22-2010 04:20 AM

Well i am no ex linbacker LOL but i am 5'10" 200 pounds.In the begging it would be a solo trip with the wife joining every so great once and a while.Baby sitters a little tough to come by LOL.And i hope this doesnt change things to much but i like to mount a trolling motor to it dont want to get stuck in the middle with no wind.Other than that everthing is will be in state parks 100 acres or less.Bigger lakes will have to wait for the bigger boat.

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