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procrastonator 02-24-2011 02:26 AM

hello all , I note some comment about the late Evgeny A gvosdev , what a wonderful character, I struggled for years to find info on this intrepid sailor and just the other day was thrilled to find video footage in Russian out of dagestan and wonderful footage on youtube , also the original Russian text is now roughly translated on the net in places{ the article with the yacht suspended from the balcony}. So from times of little info on his wherabouts to an increasing resource, Evgeny has quite a cult following and rightly so .Cheers Chris

procrastonator 02-24-2011 03:44 AM

About a year and a half ago I ignored all the rules of common sense regarding sensible analysis and appraisal in purchasing a yacht, let my heart rule and the sales pitch sell me, all caution to the wind , the monies borrowed the deal done and an interesting journey begun. Needless to say not without incident,acrimony,and a belief that yacht sellers are much bigger liars than car salesmen given the difficulty of passing these assets on. Yachts are also quite difficult to move around coastlines to, particularly if there is a deadline in terms of exiting the mooring that she resides on at the marina, hampered ofcourse by her arrival back at that mooring after a mere 50miles of motoring with lets describe as bleeding issues of the darker kind. Your delivery crew offers to fix this problem for 1800 plus parts or another 500 to sail only aside of port entries, my hands were bound accepting the latter, my baby arrives sometime time later after false starts for weather {the weather always looks promising for that coastal voyage synoptically from a distance , you quickly learn local knowledge will keep your vessel marina bound in unfamiliar waters adfinitum and you will never find a local who will put his reputation on "you are good to go" down a dodgy coastline and the coastline south of Napier is one such piece of water, it can cutup from directions and with ferocity unpredicted. Many times to this point I have been reminded that patience is an essential part of a sailors kit both on and off the water. Even going through the consents process for my harbour mooring required a good deal of this attribute both in accepting the 1700 dollar consent cost and time scale for achieving the end. Sometime later I am moored in my idyllic bay at lower portobello otago harbour , the breeze carressing the water and moving aside all ill that has gone before,I am in love . Even at two in the morning in full wet weather gear riding out a nor'west gale bucking about on the bow for a couple of hours , I am in love. Sometime later on another day ghosting along,building up confidence under sail my face starts to ache with an irrepressible smile, the breeze , the silky sound of water along hull form, board after board all day till evening and regaining the mooring. These memories are nearly a year old now though fresh to recall. When I finally built up the courage to enter my club marina and offer her up to the hard we begin another story , the adventure and torture of investigation into corners and areas unobserved to this point, I have replaced the majority of the cockpit , the companionway bulkhead , parts of the cabintop, stanchion bases, cabin sole, coved and coved, Presently the port side has been scraped back to glass and is nearly ready for repainting, I have been up on the hard way longer than I ever dreamed but Her curves never fail to appeal and all the hard graft builds the bond strong,not without frustration, but I have learnt not to react negatively to another area requiring attention just to simply accept the situation and get on with it, there is still plenty to do but I am still in Love. cheers

WanderingStar 02-24-2011 10:17 AM

Welcome aboard. Your description is poetic.

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