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trumpthegoat 05-12-2011 10:51 PM

Hello / New to Sailing
Hey everyone,

Just wanted to say Hello. I am hoping to get into sailing this summer! I'm not really sure why, but recently my desire to sail has exploded out of no where. I learned a bit when I was a kid flying a sunfish around and 'two manning' a laser with my friend... but any little knowledge learned then is long gone. To be fair, we were happy to successfully coordinate one good tack.

Anyway, I've appreciated lurking around and reading all your posts. It's been educational and interesting so I thought I'd hop in. I picked up a copy of Seidman's The Complete Sailor and it's been a good read so far. Seems a lot like a Stick and Rudder for sailing, for any of you who are sky friendly...

My goal is to buy a small (~22ft) day cruiser in the next couple years and live it up. I am moving to Massachusetts (currently in upstate NY) in the fall, so I'm a little scared I will never be able to afford a place to put her out there... but that can wait for now.

edit: Guess I should add.. Any other books people would recommend reading for a rookie?

WanderingStar 05-13-2011 08:00 AM

Welcome aboard! Sailing will improve your life, though it may deplete your wallet.

DonScribner 05-13-2011 07:14 PM


I don't know where in life you are, but just do it. I'm sure other members's will roll their eyes (as in "here he goes again") but I'll give you a synopsis of our history. Nov 2008, my son and I decided to take up sailing as a father-son thing. Told Mom a month later (after my spine filled in!) She loved the idea. A month later, we plunked down $2200 on a Lancer 25 knowing nothing about sailing. And I mean NOTHING. Turns out, she is the perfect boat for us. Quite a blessing. We spend most weekends on her and it isn't that expensive. The trick is, she's a trailerable. We launch every time. It takes about half an hour to raise (step) the mast and launch her. Worth every minute. And by towing her, there are no slip or storage fees, just an extra $5 in gas, depending on the trip. So, don't worry to much about the big costs if you're willing to trailer. And in case you're wondering, I had never towed anything before either. When it comes time to buy, try to wait until the fall. Just like motorcycles, prices fall then.

So, just do it!

trumpthegoat 05-13-2011 08:26 PM

Thanks actually, you answered several of my questions about getting a trailer boat, which would be ideal for me if I can find a place in MA/RI to live that I can keep a trailer on when I move. My biggest financial concern definately isn't buying a boat, I've seen a ton of decently looking ones in the ~2k range- but trying to pay for a slip + winter storage every year. Thanks

DonScribner 05-14-2011 06:29 AM


Many folks will dry store their boat (or something like that). Essentially they pay to park it at the marina. So, you show up, hook up and launch. It's much cheaper than a slip or a mooring. I'll bet there are local folks near public launches that do the same for even less. We bought our boat in Mass and once we got near the coast, boats were everywhere, just like Maine. We live about 5 miles from one good launch and about 25 from another that we really like. So, we hook up Phoenix and drive. Going through town when you're 50 feet long can be interesting. And you get a lot of stares. But, if I had to slip the boat, I wouldn't be sailing. She sit in the driveway, which works out pretty well. We load up right here, swing by Walmart for ice, then it's into the water.

Good luck!

trumpthegoat 05-14-2011 10:05 PM

Thanks again for that info. I'll make sure I keep my eyes and options open when I look around. Once I get out there, I'm definitely going to make sure I figure out where to store her before I buy anything.

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