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awahl 06-17-2012 11:54 AM

New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
Hello everyone,

I have been scouting the Sailnet threads for sometime and have found a host of valuable information here. Thank you all so much for your dedication- The intensity & passion exhibited here and in the sailing community in general is one of the things that attracted me to sailing in the first place.

We are a family with two high school age boys and a yellow lab. We're based in West Michigan and will be doing the bulk of our sailing on Muskegon Lake to start. We had no sail experience at all- so we took ASA 101 as a family last week and loved it!

We have been looking at boats for awhile...This weekend our offer was accepted on an Island Packet 31. The boat has everything we're looking for as newbies (and then some). Beefy, wide side decks, easy sail plan (subject to opinion I am sure)- wonderful interior/topside space, great storage, et al. It does needs some updating here and there but appears to have great bones and everything we need right now.

Our interests are learning (learning, learning), cruising, anchoring/camping, and generally enjoying the boat however we can (elbow grease included).
I like to think in about 10 years my wife and I will move this or another boat down to the South East and head to the islands... We'll see how that goes....

We are a bit freaked out by the thought of it all- the learning, expense, time & energy commitment, and feel like we're riding up to the top of the roller coaster right now- Still it's a great feeling and the anticipation is building. We have to get past the survey- still have to get the boat in ship-shape, and still have to really learn how to sail- but man are we excited!

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, or encouragement to share- we're wide open....

Anyway- just wanted to say hello and thanks-
Hope to be a contributing member to the community someday.

Cheers to all!

Faster 06-17-2012 12:10 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
Congrats... exciting times! - and Welcome!!

jsaronson 06-17-2012 02:28 PM

New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
Welcome! I hope the survey is clean. You might want to download Nigel Calder's book on boat maintenance and electrical. Its a great resource for any boat owner. Once you own her, find a friend who knows how to sail. When in doubt, look for the wind direction. everythings works off of that!

CalebD 06-17-2012 03:02 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
Good for you. What great enthusiasm you have.
This is the Nigel Caulder book you want: is a ton of helpful information in it about diesel engines and electronics as well as basic stuff. Should help you save a ton of money if you are at all handy.
Is your IP31 the center board version or just the plain keel?
What engine is in your boat?

How to make a small fortune.
Start with a large fortune and buy a boat.

Welcome to sailnut.

awahl 06-17-2012 03:37 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
...Sailnut - I like it!

Thank you both for the tip/link on the book -I'll definitely download as I will indeed need to enhance my tinkering skills...It's all part of the journey.

Regarding the boat itself- it's the plain keel (I guess technically the shoal draft) version- She seems pretty solid. I got a look at the last survey and there was one chainplate that needed re-bedding- not 100% certain it was done but will find out with our survey- nothing else major. The other thing I am mildly concerned about due to age is the fuel tank- which if this truly has been a fresh water boat for it's entire life may not be as much of a concern. Oh- and the rigging......Oh- and, etc.

We're crossing our fingers for a survey result that won't break the deal- and/or the bank...

Thanks again all for the warm welcome!

macwrede 06-18-2012 10:55 AM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
My only suggestion to any new sailor is: "reef early, reef often"!

paintpollz 06-18-2012 11:58 AM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
Very exciting Andy. I look forward to your progress, please post about it!

I'm a lot younger, just a few years out of college, but aspire to have that lifestyle someday. Daysailing and weekend cruises.

I still have an 11 year wait for my mooring to become available!

Stumble 06-18-2012 01:37 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
If you haven't learned how yet, ask your instructor to come out and show you how to reef your boat. Then every time you go sailing put a reef in and take it out, until you and the crew know how it works, can get it every time, the first time, and can do it fast.

Too many people only go out in nice weather, and since they never need to reef (because they didn't go out in rough weather) have never put their reefing gear through its paces. When it comes time to do so, things are either not functional, or they don't know how to work everything. This is when stuff breaks.

sailingfool 06-18-2012 02:12 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
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I'd suggest you go right back for the ASA 103, you will be sailing a pretty heavy boat, not the best learning-while-doing cruising platform. It just gets you further up the competence curve before you are reliant on your own resources.

Mor22 06-18-2012 03:17 PM

Re: New sailing family + new (old) boat = OMG
It is exciting. We went through the same process 6 mths ago and purchased a Morgan 22 after getting our ASA101. After spending a lot more money than anticipated getting her up to snuff, we finally got her out on the water. She sailed like a dream, despite her old sails. A whole lot nicer than the Hunter 22 we learned on. Felt like a thorougbred by comparison. (probably because of the 1200 lb lead ballast). The moment she took the wind, it was all worth it. Now we are working on our ASA103/4 so we can charter in the Virgins in a couple of years.

The learning curve we experienced was educational. We bought the boat so cheaply we didnt bother with a survey. The bottom seemed mostly blister free and we knew we would need the rigging replaced. However the bottom needed more work than expected and the replacement teakwork was pretty pricey,even doing it ourselves. We replaced the centreboard cable and pin and fashioned a tabernacle to lower the mast. Luckily we found a great machinist, rigger and hull repair guy which made the process easier. We sure learned a lot about the boat in a very short time and spent more money than we could ever anticipate!

Next in our budget is roller furling and new sails for the sailing season. My old back doesnt do well bending over the sailbag on the foredeck!

Good luck with your survey. We had dreams years back of getting an Island Packet after seeing one at the Miami boat show and we were going to do the liveaboard thing. Unfortunately health issues precluded that.

You are going to have so much fun!

All the best.

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