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k2knudson 09-18-2012 01:58 PM

Ready to be schooled!!
My Name is Kyle and I am looking to purchase my Second boat, first was a 22 buccaneer that sailed in the puget sound many years ago, I did a lot of improvements to this boat: 25 gal stainless gas tank mounted and vented, propane radiant heater, slim line, wish they still made them.. AGM group (big) battery up front under v berth, various outboard mods etc...

I loved the boat but it was to small for a 6'0 guy and my girl..although it was in i guess what you would call Bristol or Mint condition according to my language.

Looking in Sandiego now since i live in AZ, seen a few boats out here at lake was a laguna 26 and a oday 26. Then I went down to sandiego and looked at a ericson 29 which i love, but what do i know..really clean...didnt smell musty, everything was dry, nice kept boat considering some of the other garbage that I saw.

Looking to stay in the 8-10k range and think that i could find a decent boat that i could upgrade easily and make it a cruiser if i wanted to..

Does anyone have some good advice for me? This is my first post EVER on a forum and am interested in what i get back.

Knot a Klew.

Donna_F 09-18-2012 02:32 PM

Re: Ready to be schooled!!
Hi Kyle.

First, welcome to Sailnet!

Second, I moved your posting into it's own thread, otherwise you'll be accused of hijacking someone else's thread. Not a good start. :)

Now, if your next goal is cruising eventually, how far? Weekends? Week-long sails? In what type of water? More detail will be helpful.

k2knudson 09-18-2012 06:06 PM

Re: Ready to be schooled!!
Thanks i mentioned i am FIRST time any kind of post on any site..dont know what hijacking a thread would be, but thanks for putting me in a different spot?

Im looking to sail my newly acquired boat down the baha from san diego up into the town of rocky point, since i have never taken this journey i am not sure of the water or conditions that i will be thrown looking for advice on systems i will need for navigation and what would be helpful to do to the boat before this journey.


Capt.aaron 09-18-2012 07:38 PM

Re: Ready to be schooled!!
8 to 10 k is a good start. I like the Cal 29 for that price range and area. The type of equipment you'll need is a big can of worms on this sight so if people bight, hold on to your wallet! and don't get discouraged, some people's "absolutally needs" are some others "absolutally don't want's" Just remember safety is first, comfort is an individual experience and a distant second. I'm cumfy in good fowly's, rubber boots, a dim light and a cup of luke warm tea. Others need much much more. You will need a strong Hull and rig. decent sail inventory. Modern communication and nav equipment, new, fuctioning saftey/ life raft/ ditch gear and oversized ground tackle. Look for a book called "my old man and the sea." very imformative of needs verses want's.

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