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missaussierules 01-12-2013 07:15 PM

New to sailnet...looking for opinions on bluewater cruiser
Hi there all !

New subscriber here looking for thought`s and opinions....and I know they are vast so let me give a few parameters.

My guy and I bought a 1998 Catalina 34 MkII 4 years ago in anticipation of a cruising departure bound for Australia, leaving Vancouver, BC summer of 2014.
After much time on the boat on our lake, although we LOVE the boat, it is becoming clearer that it is not ideal....mostly due to tankage and general storage. We are hesitant to kit it out with all new electronics, Radar, AIS, etc....and then later sell it as it`s likely not our `dream boat`. Then if we drop the 30K on elcetronics etc again on the new boat, it sure seems a waste of precious funds. HELP

We narrowly missed buying a 2007 Elan 384, which was perfect, except perhaps for the inmast furling. It was listed at 99K, which once we sell our boat for 50-60K....hopefully would leave us some money in the kitty.

We have about 70K+ to spend on the boat with another 30 in electronics etc.... We are racers now, so a faster, more moderate displacement hull which might manage 10knots would be fantastic. ; ) We are headed for the Seattle boat show in a couple of weeks, so might get more serious options there.

We want around 38-40 foot, offshore tankage to avoid having to buy watermaker, a faster rather than slow plug.

For 2 ppl most of the time...hoping friends will fly and meet us. One head, 2 cabin design with perhaps a tool or storage in an aft quarter.....instead of that all too common 3rd cabin, (which of course with some work could be set up as the storage room.)

Ideas people....

Thanks so much, Rose

jackdale 01-12-2013 07:20 PM

Re: New to sailnet...looking for opinions on bluewater cruiser
If you are willing to use a broker, let me know and I will PM you some names in Vancouver and the on the Island.

Faster 01-12-2013 07:40 PM

Re: New to sailnet...looking for opinions on bluewater cruiser
Welcome to/from another BCer, even if a tad 'temporary' ;)

Finding a 2 person manageable boat, in your budget, should be easy enough (btw assuming your current boat is a 34 or 36 MKII??) however finding one that is going to be consistently capable of 10 knots boatspeed is unlikely - though you might find a beat-up ex ocean racer, it won't be too comfy...

While not in the true 'performance' category, for offshore voyaging and two people the Passport 40 and it's various cousins (Tatoosh, Nordic, Nassau, Fairweather) would be at the top of my list. Massively solidly built, pretty, yet decent performers esp for a trip like you're contemplating. May be at the upper end of your budget, though.

Have you looked at a Cat42 MKII? It might give you the storage you need, but not nearly the BW boat the P40 would be.

The Beneteau "1" series (ie 361, 441) and "3" series (eg 373) might be worth a look too, but again you're pushing the edge of the Coastal cruising genre to take it offshore, though I'm sure many have done similar trips.

Interesting decisions ahead... best of luck!

missaussierules 01-14-2013 01:47 AM

Re: New to sailnet...looking for opinions on bluewater cruiser
Thanks ! We may ask for your cotacts.

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