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REMorrical 09-05-2006 09:34 AM

Drifter or Asymetrcial?
This Irwin 34 site should be a great thing. I have AutoCAD drawings ranging from the whole boat rough layout to rudder bearing detail. I also have a data base with hatch board diminsions, sink cut-outs, on & on , which belongs to someone else. I'll ask permission to submit it.

Now I am up for improving our offwind cruising speed and a choice for the Friday night beer can race. What I need is a second forward halyard and the blocks to run it to the cockpit, and we need "the sail". For the next few years we are sticking with the main sail gear all at the mast and the jib/spinnaker gear lead aft. We often race and usually cruise with just the two of us -- the helmsperson eases off the foresail to the one on deck.

After writing this, I recognized the all to common "too much information." So for a short cut the question is how to run a new spin halyard to the cockpit and drifter/reacher Vs asymetrical.

We now have the internal jib halyard exiting Stdb side to a turning block on deck just off the mast base. The new halyard is going on a block on the crane and external to a turning block at the base. I'm not aware of any more lower exits or any indication the boat was ever rigged for a chute. I'm thinking to use the existing mast base turning block for the chute halyard and add a new jib turning block at the base right next to the mast. QUESTION: Was the screwed-to-deck turning block for the jib halyard?

We cruise first and race second. We have what may be a permanent loan of a J-29 blown out 1/2 ounce chute that fits OK in light air. WE ARE NOT GOING TO HAVE A POLE, so it looks pretty funny if there is enough wind to lift it much. The joy is it doubles our speed at about 150 apparrent in the 1-2 kt boat speed range.

The local racing has Non-Spinnaker double head sail allowed family fleet and a more serious spinnaker fleet. For perspective, there are 18 races of 2 to 6 miles and the entry fee is $35 which includes an engraved rocks glasses and the pot luck in October. We need to pick a fleet.

The chances are pretty good of finding a used drifter reacher that could fly free standing (or one hank to keep the head on the boat.). We could still race & cruise this pretty well with the two of us. I would guess we could carry it to to at least 60 apparrent or maybe even 45; thus more flexibility from 180 to 45 degree apparaent. Much less likely to get in trouble. We could stay in the family fleet with fewer idiots willing to have collisions.

No doubt this adds more speed at the low end especially sailing deeper. The trend seems to be pretty clear everone else is going this direction

There probaly isn't just one right answer, but I love having the experience of this group for decision input.

Best regards,
Rich Morrical

PS We out surfed our companion Passport 40 up the Bay Saturday. What a hoot. GPS speeds into the 8's against the current.

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