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TomandKarens34 05-19-2008 11:34 PM

Another restoration project
There seems to be far too little traffic on this Irwin forum. I know we're out here and I'm going to make some posts and try to establish some fresh comments here. So I'm standing in a pile of rotted plywood, wondering how my 34 Citation came to this. If it wasn't for delayed maintenance, I'd never be able to afford a boat like this, but it's such a shame. $100 worth of new port gaskets would have prevented all this water damage. Predictably, the more rotted wood I remove, the more I find. So as I'm clearing out the cabin's walls, I notice the bulkheads are topped with plywood strips under the side decks. They don't seem to be connected at all at this point. Just thought I'd ask if anyone has glassed in their bulkheads where they butt under the side decks. I plan on restoring them without any extra re-enforcement, just as I found them, but... I know this boat is built to a price, but is the extra effort in glassing the bulkhead in worth the effort?
Another subject that seems worth spending some time on is the pan-to-hull connection. I'm planning of investigating ways to connect the two better and am interested in any thoughts and experiences others have had up grading this structure.
I'm planning to replace the bearing mount for the rudder, the steel channel is rusted pretty badly and have heard of an up grade for how it's mounted but have not found a description. Hope you guys are out enjoying the H2O.;)

Maleko 05-21-2008 04:50 AM

Yes Get this forum going. What is happing out there. Not familiar with your Citation 34 but have starboard water leakage ( big kine) on my 43 CC in water tank. Getting ready to pull up cabin sole. any comments.

sv Pearl

camaraderie 05-21-2008 11:31 AM

Did that a while back on my 44 which I believe has a similar configuration. Big job but straightforward. Our issue turned out to be the seal at the top of the tanks which enabled us to get in...clean the tank and re-seal...then put the new floor on. Wish there was another way to access...but the only choice is to re-do the floor/sole.

Maleko 05-22-2008 03:44 AM

Sole removal
Any trouble in installation on sole after tank repair?

GypsyNight 09-07-2009 01:35 AM

I'm a new owner of a Citation 34 produced by the good folks at Irwin Yachts. She needs some work but that was my sort-of-plan anyway...

Hope you sailors are sailing often now! I like the way this boat sails, so far. Have been on only a 2 hr sea trial. My issues with my boat are leakage of the port lights (duh, the angle is too steep and rainwater has nowhere to go but to window gasket and SIT there). Wrong ports have been used. Who keeps their port gaskets lubed up and PERFECT against sitting water that wont evaporate for hrs/days?? ) So, interior wood is bad. New rain-drain ports form Defender for 120 each should work. Caulking is easy and not the culprit here. Other issues with her, water tank under port settee is kinda damp/wet. Think I will cut off top of tank with saw and replace with FG piece OR put a bladder in the tank, etc. Deck softness.....yes, its there.cry me a river...keep it checked but DONT spend $$$ money on it to help yacht services companys's a racket.

Last but not least is the raw water cooled engine...should I rebuild it? Is a 1980 yanmar 2 cyl. Runs well. Boat not really worth a huge investment by re-powering.

OK Irwin owners of the 34! Let's unite and prosper!

GypsyNight 09-07-2009 10:21 PM

Hi Maleko,
Is the entire tank under the sole? I know there is another water tank up front too. Any idea of the sizes? is a 1980 model with shoal draft no CB.

whathree 09-08-2009 07:49 AM

Little use
If I remember right, lots of the Irwin 34 owners dropped off this list when the Sailnet changed owners a few years back and started to charge $ to be on the list.
Good luck on your project.
We purchased new ports for our 34 from Beckon. They had a sale on excess inventory and we bought them for under $40 each, They look and work great and dont leak a drop!

GypsyNight 09-08-2009 08:19 AM

I see. I was part of a email list for newport 28 owners a few years back and I remember the excellent help and sharing of info, etc specific to that boat. I'd be willing to pay a few dollars per year if asked I guess (unless I m the only one!). Will look into ports you mentioned. Boat is now on land getting sanded, cleaned, and waxed. Also, cleaned out the entire seam between deck and alum toe rail, and caulked wiht polysulfide yesterday. (Life caulk). Windows are high on list, but until I get all possible deck leaks stopped I guess it'd be silly to put ports in.

Do you know about the tank under cabin sole by mast? Also, what is under the port settee (besides the holding tank just aft of the mast). Thanks for any help. Glad you like your boat. Gypsy Night is on chesapeake.

vpardi 09-08-2009 12:09 PM

Irwin lists
Excellent e-mail lists still thrive for Irwins. Try and There is also a special site for 34 citations wiki something. All the issues mentioned have been addressed and i'm sure would be again if asked. I'm sorry I don't pay attention to all the posts because I have a 32 classic :) with its own special issues.

riptide1 10-21-2009 02:15 PM

Hi all .New owner of 34 citation shoal draft no c/b.My tanks seem to differ from the others on this thread.I have a small [approx 12 gal.]aluminum water tank under port sette-35 gal. fuel tank with no way to check fuel level under starboard sette-and maybe 10 gallon holding tank port side forward on top of cabinets under v berth.I also have hot water heater in engine room.Sure would like to switch water and fuel tanks.Want to enlarge holding and water tanks-any ideas?also would like to add more holding tank cap.-another tank?My boat has no tankage under sole-wish it did-have same port and wood problems -will be following progress of others to get some ideas.Boat sails very well [fast] and I look forward to a lot of good sailing and cruising.Any ideas would be app.thanks, riptide

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