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tschrader 11-22-2009 11:20 PM

IRWIN 37 Mark V -- 1981
I am looking to buy a Irwin 37 Mark V Center Cabin, 1981. Is there any history on the good and bad of this boat, both maintenance worries and sailing considerations?

The roller furler needs replacement. How much should I expect to pay for its replacement?

I am a first buyer of a boat over 24 ft who will being doing most of its upkeep myself. Want to know what I may be getting myself into thats unique to Irwins or this model specifically.

TNX, Tom S.

Hollen 11-23-2009 01:57 PM

Irwin 37 CC
First and foremost, with any boat over 20 years old, is to check the chain plates from inside the boat, under the cap rail. We found out the hard way that they had been corroding and we lost the entire rig last year. Pull off the hull liners and look for rust streaks or any leaks at all. This goes for all chain plates and backstays. As you know the furler is an easy fix, even if the headstay needs replacing. Is it a ketch, cutter or sloop?
There are a lot of good sites for Irwinís and lots of information on mods and such. Keep your questions specific and you will get a lot of specific answers. Good luck

jcollins57 11-24-2009 10:25 PM

This is a bit long but...
I just bought and 1981 37cc also. This is a project boat, a big project.... no engine, boat sunk so it means also new wood. Unfortunately the delivery truck could not get in the yard I planned so we had to unload in a yard a mile or so away, Have spent the last 2 weekend removing anything loose, ripped up the rotten teak & holly sole, pulled the shaft & prop and plugged the shaft tube, freed up all the frozen sea cocks (and closed them, all were frozen open) all so we could put it in the water and tow it to its new home for what I expect to be 2 years, Things I have found so far, will need all new plumbing & electrical, some fiber glass work were lots of add ons were installed and removed leaving large openings. May have to rebuild the rudder, have not even looked at the tanks yet, corrosion of the steel compression post support, that one I was not expecting and not sure what to do about it. And mold/mildew...steam presure wash should help with this.

Did I miss anything... looking at a 35k - 40k Budget of which I have spent 6K so far. (Moving, engine, boat, stands)


Wood .. Marine grade hydro tek 2K
Headliner & Laminate 1K
Plumbing & Electrical 2K - 3K
Engine 2K
Rudder 1K
PortLights 2.5K
Cushions 1K
Fixed windows & hatch glass .5K
Roller furling 1.5K
Running Rigging 1K - 1.5K
Chain Plates .5K
Shaft , prop, stuffing box 1K

17.5k + 6K

First 25K should get the boat in the water then I expect to add electronics , and add ons as the budget lets me. I will be doing all the work.

Any comments, or information on how to do any of the above repairs will be welcome.

Whats good... Hull has no blisters that I have been able to find (Expecting some but appears to be in good shape) I bought and engine and transmision with 1700 hour in good running condition for $1k, Windless pulled through the deck a little, removed it last week and it looks repairable, no soft spots on deck that I could find. Sails were cleaned and restitched, mast and boom have been refinished, rigging is only a few years old. Thinking I might replace the chain plates with bolt through as they will be exposed when I remove the bulk heads. When done I will know what I have pretty much all will be new. Might put a web page together for future ref also..depends on time.

BenMerc 07-28-2013 11:45 PM

Re: IRWIN 37 Mark V -- 1981
jcollins...I know this is a very old thread, but I am interested in how your project turned out, it sounds like you had much work ahead. I am interested in this model, and just wondering how she has turned out for you. I have just finished a semi restoration of a 76' Irwin 30. What I do know about the Irwin 37 MKV are the performance numbers, which are well above average, and of course the layout. hope you finished well and are enjoying your efforts...

irwin37 12-28-2013 12:10 AM

Re: IRWIN 37 Mark V -- 1981
Still working on it, it went in the water this year but still need lots of work. Would I do it again. NO!!!!!!! But it has been interesting and I had to do it once. It has taken more money and a lot longer than expected. That after I estimated time & money then multiplied by 4 to get realistic numbers... Oh well

John Collins

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