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Sundayflyer32 08-21-2013 03:40 PM

I28 - Gas Tank Info
I have a 1978 I28 still with the Atomic 4. This last weekend I replaced the main fuel shut off valve as the original was getting sticky and wouldn't always shut off.

I got a suitable replacement from my closet Marina and unscrewed the original 90 degree fitting from the top of the tank and was sort of expecting to pull out a pick up line and possibly a filter. Just the elbow came off the tank as it appears there is a tube that runs down into the tank and was welded around the outside top so I expect there is no filter or pick up line of any type.

Does anyone know if there are any baffles in the tank? My fuel gauge really dances around some days when running the engine in a bit of a sea.

I do have a main sediment/water filter before the fuel pump so crud can get stopped there, but just wanted to verify that there is no in tank filter screen. Can anyone confirm please?

hellosailor 08-21-2013 06:47 PM

Re: I28 - Gas Tank Info
Sunday, I don't know what was built in, but after 40 years it could be time to pull the tank and clean it out. Refit as needed while it is out.

It is a bit of a PITA but the fuel tank can come out through the portside lazarette. Typically you'll need to disconnect cables and wiring that may block it from moving across and it will be a tight fit, but the hour or two it takes to clear it out (and back in) is a good trade against how much easier it makes work. If there's no inspection port, you'll have to pull it to add one anyhow. And of course cleaning it out is much easier when you can turn the tank over and dump the crud out.

gknott 08-30-2013 06:03 PM

Re: I28 - Gas Tank Info
No baffles in my 1978 aluminum tank which may not be the original. My boat was converted to diesel. The combination of a diesel engine and no baffles has led to the engine dying if the tank gage is below 1/4 full and the seas are boisterous. That can get your heart pumping in a hurry. The fix is obvious - keep your tank full. It's an indication of my intelligence that it took me not once but twice to figure that one out. Hellosailor is absolutely right. My tank was full of crud (so was my lazarette) and it took me more than one hour each way to coax the tank and myself in and out. Part of that was because I didn't think the tank was properly moored to the boat so while I had things out I beefed things up.

One hint to make things easier. I took a Sawzall to the engine access port in the quarter berth and enlarged it all the way around including sawing off that annoying and useless 1" plywood rim on the bottom. It's a relatively easy thing to build a new cover using 1/2" mahogany plywood stained to match. Now I can comfortably get my head and shoulders into the engine compartment for much better access.

hellosailor 08-30-2013 06:20 PM

Re: I28 - Gas Tank Info
Good point, it is much easier with two people. One to lift, the other to push from behind. If you have to do it solo, maybe get some webbing and rig two straps around it so that you can lift the straps instead of trying to grapple in once it is in the lazarett.

downeast450 09-01-2013 08:51 PM

Re: I28 - Gas Tank Info
Glad to hear it comes out that way. I would not have expected it to clear. Huh! Good news!



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