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saltybob2 01-29-2008 01:30 PM

Old Islander Web site disappeared!
I helpped start a web site for all Islanders several years ago. I worked with a guy in SF named Randall. It was a beautiful web site when he finsihed with it. I am buying another Islander Bahama 30 and went looking for the group. The web site is gone. Does anyone know how to reach the web master or the data or anything from it? It was a teasure trove of all things Islander.

Salty Bob

pkstinn 01-30-2008 02:20 PM

Salty, we also have wondered the whereabouts of the website. We own a B30 and would gladly contribute to building another website!

Wayne_Eastman 01-30-2008 04:16 PM


The name of the owner of the site is:

Brian Soderberg
1717 S Prairie
Chicago, Illinois 60616
United States
866 611 0142

I hope that you can get in touch with Brian, obtain the info and get the site back online.

Good luck, Wayne Eastman

Islander30Bahama 04-24-2008 11:00 PM

Islander 30 bahama info?
I have jsut recently purchased an 81 Bahama 30 up in Anacortes wa for 9500 what a deal. It needs a great deal of cleaning and the interior is going to need a new headliner. While I am doing the headliner I plan to just completely re plumb and rewire the entire vessel. I noticed the teak and holly sole was soft around the engine so thankfully to replace it I must only purchase one 4x8 sheet. I also have found an insulation paint that I will apply pretty much everywhere I can inside. Has anyone else recently done an almost complete refit on a Bahama 30. If so I am interested in the trouble areas that have been encountered

Thanks for any pointers in advance

pkstinn 06-23-2008 10:28 AM

Bahama Islander 30
We also replaced our soft teak and holly floor in our Bahama Islander 30 (1981). In the process, we repaired/bolstered the stringers as well. My husband can send you pics of the process if you would like? How is the headliner replacement going? Our headliner is in near excellent shape...but we feel the electrical should be replaced...doing so requires taking down the headliner, which seams to us to be a huge undertaking. Any tips?

Islander30Bahama 06-23-2008 12:02 PM

Hey hows it goin?
I just got the boat back home to Spokane this weekend. Pictures of the floor job would be greatly appreciated. From the little bit I have taken down of the headliner it is going to be a huge job. They used lots of staples. They weren't stainless staples either so they rusted and bled all over. I will take detailed pictures of locations of all the wiring so you know where it all runs. The windows in these boats are known for being leaky. Talk to ya soon.


blt2ski 06-23-2008 10:11 PM


Did you make it to ludlow for the roundezvous? I figured out later my friends that have a 40'r were the hosts for this, last yr, and run the local website to boot.


CapnSantiago 06-29-2008 11:55 AM

Hey there fellow Bahamians...I too have a 1982 Islander Bahama 30 that needs some TLC. Have owned it for one year now repairing, maintaining, & upgrading it on the weekends and really feel attached to it. I did some research on the referenced website and elsewhere. It seems to be a basically soild boat just suffering a little from PO's lack of effort. I'd be interested in any pictures/projects etc. you have and would be willing to share the same. My gal and I keep eyeing other newer/bigger sailboats (Beneteau 331 or 361) and they are gorgeous and roomy in comparison but just don't seem to have the charm...makes me wonder if I'll end up regretting it.

IYCNW 07-01-2008 01:02 AM

Hi Marty

Originally Posted by blt2ski (Post 332682)

Did you make it to ludlow for the roundezvous? I figured out later my friends that have a 40'r were the hosts for this, last yr, and run the local website to boot.


The Ludlow Rendezvous was great! Real nice Islander 41 rigged for travel was the longest Islander attending. Smallest was a 24.

blt2ski 07-01-2008 11:23 AM


So there was a boat longer than you and dougs! by what, a foot?!?!?!?!


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