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dickauge 03-08-2008 12:38 PM

Islander 28 replace headliner?
Looks likea nicely designed boat but wonder about the headliner. Does anyone know of a way to replace it(DIY)?

T37Chef 03-08-2008 01:48 PM

Not familiar with the Islander 28, but this stuff may work as a replacement Harbor Sales

blt2ski 03-10-2008 11:19 AM

A friends Peterson Islander 40's headliner was IIRC initially stapled on with a covering for the staples. I did something similar to my 85 Jeanneau, look here for what I did and how. Dougs had the wood to staple the headliner already built into the hull, so he had a few less things to deal with.


hellosailor 03-10-2008 01:32 PM

The stuff at Harbor Sales all seems to be rigid or semi-rigid, it might work but it isn't what's on the I28. The I28 overhead liner is a sandwich of old foam rubber padding (now degrading into dust) and soft vinyl, with many large access zippers (often disintegrating pot metal pulls) and millions of staples under a heavy rubber trim bead to old it all up.

Clearing it is best down with a respirator because of the foam turning into dust. And in theory if it was removed carefully, you could laminate new foam onto the vinyl, install new zippers, and put it all back up. Except, the zillion staples and inevitable distortion in the vinyl could make it a real "Old Enlgish Sports Car Restoration Project". So to speak.

Talking to a friend about the same job, same boat, at length, and we figured either trash all the old liner, and replace it with some type of flexible high-density foam (like gym matt padding) or gut it all and install traditional lattice boards running fore-and-aft, across stringers running athwartships, either bright varnished or painted white, and allow some ventilation that way while avoiding the huge upholstery project.

That also ensures no invisible leaks behind the overhead, and about a million less staples in odd places, and balky zippers.<G>

chucklesR 03-10-2008 03:29 PM

I'd gut it, go with new vinyl and lattice - but do it in sectional panels that you can pull off if (when ) you need to get under them. That's also easier to make than one big piece at one go.

Make a cardboard/butcher paper patterns of where you want the panel, cut that out of 1/8 inch marine plywood. Wrap the plywood in vinyl and foam, using contact cement to make it nice and tight. Double sided tape it to the ceiling and move to your next panel. When the panels are done use mahogany strips as your latice work. Lay it all out with painters tape first, then install it right over the tape if you want.
You can get strips out by ripping a mahogny decking plank up - 84 lumber here in Annapolis sells 5/4 x 6 inch by 20 ft long mahogany decking for 2.29 a foot. At 1/4 thick one plank gets you 12 - 13 (depending on saw kerf) strips of latice from each board. Takes about 20 minutes to strip up a plank, nothing at all. Run the strips thru a planer on one side and you got sweet wood that's easy to varnish (or oil if you want easy no nonsense wood work).

Now If you are really good and handy, do ships laps with the latice work, and make that into panels too so you can pull latice work and panels down with a couple of quick twist (finger) screws.

I'm helping a friend layout the salon of a Islander 37 with this.

chef2sail 03-14-2008 09:47 PM

Islander 28 was my first larger boat. Great Bob Perry design. Quick...nice cruiser,,,Beautiful wood work. Replaced my headliner with Naugahyde and stapled it with rows. I covered the rows of stples with teak wood strpis in a criss cross lattice pattern. The wood accents the other wood in the boat.


Islander30Bahama 04-25-2008 05:52 PM

chef2sail would it be possible to see some pictures of your new headliner as i am about to start re doing mine on my islander 30 bahama

blt2ski 04-25-2008 07:30 PM


I noticed in a different thread in the islander area you just bought your boat in PT. Just an FYI, the third weekend in June, 20-22 IIRC is an islander roundezvous in Port ludlow, 4th yr in a row IIRC. The friend of mine I refered to in above post was in charge last yr. i am sure he knows whom to contact for this yr. Might be worth figuring out how to travel teh hr south driving or couple hrs sailing/motoring for more info on your islander etc.

If need be, post back or email me at my forum handle name at hotmail dot com.


Islander30Bahama 04-26-2008 03:20 PM


I bought the boat in Anacortes. Right now its on the hard and the mast is getting dropped next week. I am going to be bringing her home to spokane to do a refit complete interior restoration. I am currently trying to gather information from other Bahama 30 owners. They are a beautiful boat with great lines. I have big plans for mine down the road


blt2ski 04-26-2008 07:40 PM

The islander roundezvous would be worth going to. Dougs Fiance/gf redid the headliner in his boat. She is an interior designer with a shop in Bellevue. I got all my headliner materials from her. i am sure some others have done the same thing.

While I would say, try to talk to folks with "your" boat, also talk to folks with other say "Islander" models, or like myself with a jeanneau, as in many or not most cases, what I did, may work for you. In my case, while I did a few things that were different than Doug, generally speaking, the info I got from them, helped me do what I needed to do, and fudge or change accordingly.

Are you going to mover the islander back here to the sound? or sail it in Pend Orelle? Dag it, brain feeze, lake to south along I90, and the two north of sand Point........canoed on it as a scout........begins with a P....

Any way. back to my boat to clean the deck etc, after a reeeeeeeeeelly slow race this morning.


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