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lucbernard5 11-26-2009 07:58 PM

Islander 29
I just bought a 1968 Islander 29 for a very good price. The boat is mostly in very good shape but needs a lot of cosmetic work. The Atomic 4 ran without a sputter while we cruised the Little Calumet to the current storage location. I took everything removable home with me and already started working on refinishing the drawers and cabinet doors. A lot of work but I needed a hobby anyway.

As much as I look around, I can't seem to find any information on this model. Also, I can't find anyone who has another Islander 29. Could this be the last one remaining? Not likely. If anyone can point me in the right direction to find ANY info on this boat, I would be most appreciative.


dacap06 11-27-2009 11:15 PM

Islander 29 Data
You can find some basic info here on I am not surprised you can't find much - the 29 was only made in '68 and '69. Atom Voyages did a paragraph on the 29 that said this:

Islander 29 - LOA: 29' LWL: about 23' Beam: 8'11"' Draft: 3'8" Displacement: 7,800 - 8,100 lbs. ? Ballast: 2,500 lbs.? lead. Total sail area: 392 sq. ft. General Comments: Built by Wayfarer Yachts of Costa Mesa, CA. beginning in 1969. Also called the Wayfarer 29. Minuses: Low companionway entrance looks vulnerable to flooding, but can be modified. Atomic 4 gas inboard was standard. Not many produced. More info: ISLANDER 29 Sailboat details on
It is probably worth mentioning that if you use hatch boards, you should think about leaving the bottom board in place if there a chance you may get pooped. You may want to take a look at this fellow's blog - he sails an I-29 named S/V Zen out of San Francisco.

Also, there's not a lot available on the Internet about the history of Islander Yachts in general. Mostly, what there is, is confusing because of company splits and shared models. On the other hand, looking your boat ups as a Wayfarer may get you a little farther along. This page at is the most I have found so far.

I also want to mention that this page lists two different rig dimensions for the I-29 .... don't know what that's all about, but you will need to sort it out if you want to order sails. Mostly, it closely agrees with the dimensions quoted in

Good luck with your new boat! I have derived great enjoyment from my Islander and hope you do the same.



lucbernard5 11-28-2009 12:13 PM

DaCAP, thanks so much for the links. Only two years in production? That would explain the challenge in getting any info. I'll take your advice about the bottom hatch board. I should mention that this is my first sailboat so I'm a complete beginner. I'm taking the Power Squadrons course right now and will spend most of next summer sailing with experienced friends.
Thanks again.

dacap06 12-02-2009 12:33 PM

mangled hyperlink
Luc, I just noticed that the hyperlink in my previous post that points to the rigging page was mangled by automatic tagging. Let me try posting it both ways: The Rig page hyperlink should point to " I.htm".

Good Luck!

krustyluv 02-14-2010 09:04 PM

I just bought an isalander 29
here in Honolulu, Waianae to be exact--any info about this cool boat 1966 greatly appreciated, esp links----Tom

byrd151 02-19-2010 08:27 PM

We had a 69 Islander 29 for about 5 years.....loved the boat - had it's quirks but had a lot of charm. She is still over across from the Islander 32 we now have. We PHRF race and we won more silver with that boat than any of the other 8 I've owned. Had a 3GM30 Yanmar in it which was nice. Did a lot over time....the chainplates mounted to the bulkheads were a problem and we redid those and made bulletproof. Rudder pintle on bottom was wore out and fabbed and new one which helped. Rewired, new lights normal stuff for a boat that old. Still at times like her better than the newer one we have now. There was 2 in Pensacola FL but they were sunk in Hurricane Ivan. Knew of another in New Orleans but not sure if it survived or not.
Islander 32
Mobile AL

krustyluv 02-23-2010 08:00 PM

islander 29?
just bought an isalnder 29, cant find much about it on the web
any hints--other owners wanna chat?

brad-low 01-07-2012 01:52 PM

---MARCH 2013---YANMAR REPOWER??!! Still looking to locate any Islander 29 groups-or current owners. Removed the Atomic Four and want to replace it with a used Yanmar 2GMF diesel. Would like to hook up with other I-29'ers for hints and quirks, suggestions and experiences. Used to own another Islander 29 about 15 years ago and "cruised" Southern California and Catalina Island.....loved it! Want to hook up with someone with a Yanmar 2GM engine in their 29. Would love pics or to view the "engine bed modifications". Please correspond if you happen to be in the SF Bay Area or can send pics if far away. Thanx! Installed "hard" dodger, shortened mainsail and boom, trying to get ready for the Yanmar repower and installing roller furling "inside" the headstay. Any suggestions on removing the cutlass bearing? Tried with a puller and washer, but only succeeded in pulling the washer through the rubber (filed it down to fit through the bearing-coudn't get a good enough grip on inside edge of bearing).

Brentpd 06-18-2012 02:42 AM

Re: Islander 29
Thanks for all of the links here Dacap06. I have a '68 Islander 30 and I've experienced the same lack of information on the internet. Furthermore, the one boat that I have found that is similar has a different salon than mine. I'm wondering if mine was altered at some point to put in the wood burning stove...I've only had the boat about 8 or 9 months.

dacap06 06-18-2012 09:16 AM

Re: Islander 29

Welcome to the Sailnet community! You'll find a great deal of info here, not to mention a variety of opinions and a variety of opinions.

I see in Sailboatdata that your boat was designed by the company's founder, Joeseph McGlassen. Your '68 Islander 30 is a raised deck version of the 29, and '68 is the first year they were made. There aren't very many of them because they also had a run of only two years. I don't know a lot about your model and couldn't tell you whether your interior had been modified. You might be able to tell from the drawings of your model in

Two years later, Islander began a long run of highly successful 30 footers that all shared the same hull but different interior layouts. These, however, are not the same hull as your 30.

Brent, Krusty, and Luc,

I don't know very much about your models. I'm interested in your thoughts on how they sail. Talk to me about the sails you have and what kinds of speeds you see in various tacks at a given wind speed. When do you furl and reef?

Having asked that of you, I'll pass on my own observations. My Islander Bahama 30 (a Bob Finch design) is a very forgiving boat but is a little tender. I need to start furling my 127% jib starting at about 11 kts of wind and need to reef the main at about 15 kts. Otherwise, it starts developing some significant weather helm and heels excessively (and slows down). In a 10 kt breeze, I manage about 5 kts on a beat and 6.5+ on a reach. At 12kts and higher I'll get to 7 to 7.2 kts on a reach, depending on how flat the water is. I am delighted that my relatively heavy coastal cruiser manages those speeds.

That said, it took me a good year of sailing it to figure out the best way to shape the sails to achieve best speed, and it took a change of head sail to the current 127% genoa (from a 155% genoa) to get the speeds I quoted. The old genoa is great in 5 kts and below but has to be furled so much in decent wind that it spoils the sail shape, and that huge cylinder of material ruins air flow over the leading edge. My boat develops the majority of its power from the jib rather than the main. The standard jib is 256 sq ft vs the 194 sq ft main, so of course the difference is even more pronounced with a genoa. Clearly, having a great head sail is critical to good sailing on the 30-2 and Bahama 30 models.

Enjoy your Islander!



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