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JiffyLube 06-20-2010 12:55 AM

All Islander Rendezvous
Islander owners known as FOGgers (Freeport Owners Group) will be holding a rendezvous to Two Harbors, Catalina after Labor Day on September 10-12, 2010. We would like to make this an All Islander event, and an invitation to all Islander owners to attend is extended.

Friday the 10th Islander owners will start arriving. On Saturday the 11th we will have a get acquainted BBQ on the beach. Bring you own meat, and a side dish that can be shared. Sunday afternoon on the 12th there will be a dinghy raft up for those that wish to attend, where you can bring drinks and finger foods to share and meet other rafters. Sunday night you are invited to meet for dinner at the local restaurant, followed by drawings for door prizes.

All Islander owners that would like to attend the rendezvous are urged to contact Don Grass at Please include the number of people in your party, and the name and size of your sailboat. While this time of the year is not hard to find moorings, this information will be very helpful to the Two Harbors Harbormaster.

huguley3 06-30-2010 10:42 AM

I am guessing that this event is in California?

JiffyLube 07-02-2010 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by huguley3 (Post 618354)
I am guessing that this event is in California?

Yes it is.:)

JiffyLube 07-13-2010 01:23 AM

The Log paper has advertised this event on page 19 of the July 9-22, 2010 San Diego Edition.

Osprey410 07-13-2010 08:48 AM

Man I wish you were in NY b/c this sounds like a ton of fun!! Enjoy!!!

JiffyLube 07-18-2010 06:16 PM


Originally Posted by Osprey410 (Post 622026)
Man I wish you were in NY b/c this sounds like a ton of fun!! Enjoy!!!

This will be the first event of its kind that I know of in southern California, at least in current memory. If the event shows good interests, then it may become an annual festivity.

JiffyLube 08-02-2010 12:27 AM

One more month to sign up!

JiffyLube 08-30-2010 08:08 PM

This will be the last notice about the All Islander Rendezvous at Catalina Island on September 10 to 12, 2010.

JiffyLube 09-16-2010 12:39 AM

The First All Islander Rendezvous In Southern California
The first All Islander Rendezvous at Two Harbors, Catalina was considered a success by all that attended, and many were suggesting Cat Harbor, Catalina for the next rendezvous in 2011.

Fourteen Islander owners had initially signed up for the rendezvous, and seven Islanders actually were able to make the event, giving us about fourteen people in all. Seven different Islander boats in one place must have been very unusual, because more than once I was told by people they had never seen so many southern California Islander boats in one place before. Several people asked me if this was the FOGgers Group, so obviously they read about our event.

These are the Islanders that made the rendezvous:

1. “Big Tuna” IF-41 out of San Diego, California, owned by Brad and Niki Destache.
2. “Grasshopper” IF-36 out of San Diego, California, owned by Don and Jan Grass.
3. “Mouse Pad” I-36 out of Ventura, California, owned by Phill Seaman.
4. “Namaste” IF-36 out of Long Beach, California, owned by Rudy Vanderhider.
5. “Passing Wind” IF-38C out of Oxnard, California, owned by Christian Berg-Hansen.
6. “Reverie” IF-36 out of Huntington Beach, California, owned by Larry Stelle.
7. “Windwalker” IF-36 out of Coronado, California, owned by Buddy & Juddy Wilson.

Thursday, September 9th, Islander owners began gathering at Isthmus Cove, Catalina, and by Friday the 10th all Islanders had made the trek to the safety of Two Harbors. There was only one mechanical mishap getting to the event, and that was “Passing Wind” losing its prop and shaft just before getting to its mooring.

Before the loosely timed barbeque next to the beach shoreline on Saturday the 12th, some owners were spending time visiting other boats to shoot the breeze and see what innovations others had made. At 2:00 pm the coals were lit, and the festivities officially began. Like most potluck barbeques, there was no shortage of good things to eat and drink, and by late afternoon/early evening most owners had retired to their boats.
Sunday the 12th was a free day for participants to do whatever they wanted. Some took hikes exploring the island, exploring the water’s edge by dinghy, diving, or just relaxing…and there was plenty of picture taking. The end of the day was spent sharing dinner together at 5:00 pm in the Harbor Reef restaurant (the only restaurant but a nice one), and after dinner it was time for the “free raffle.” At the conclusion of the raffle Phill Seaman made a really nice offer to all attending, of giving his software program YachtLog3 (Ships Management &/or Navigation software) free of charge to all of the owners attending the first All Islander Rendezvous.

I would like to make a special mention of the companies that generously and unselfishly donated to our event, and in no particular order the companies are: Cruising Solutions, San Diego Marine Exchange, and West Marine Shelter Island, San Diego. Also special mention is given to “The Log” boating newspaper for advertising the rendezvous, and “The Log,” “Latitude 38,” and the Islander 36 Association for placing our rendezvous in their Calendar of Events.

I hope next year we have twice the turn out!

S/V Grasshopper #130

newhaul 09-17-2010 12:46 AM

i was wondering if this was just open to islanders from cali or anywhere i have a 24 bahama and was thinking of coasting to mexico next year if yoiu have this again i may be able to stop in and say hello. im in washington puget sound.

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