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28islander 01-29-2011 09:58 AM

28I holding tank
My islander 28 has a holding tank under the starboard settee. Currently there is a very old flexible tank that measures about 27" X 33". Pretty sure it is the original tank, in there since 1977. I would like to replace it with a rigid tank. I have looked through the Ronco catalog and could not seem to find one that would fit into the space. I am hoping someone with a 2I8 that has replaced their holding tank or has a rigid tank can help me with particulars on locating a tank to fit. Where did you get your tank? If through Ronco which tank was it? How many gallons? Was it custom made? Any pictures of the installation? Thank you in advance for any help.

Paul Comte 01-31-2011 09:01 AM

You may find "Firestone" printed on that bag, it's original...
For one season I held off replacing mine by slipping a cover made from flex PVC (used/failed water toys) glued together with plumbers PVC cement. If you try this method, include some "No-Odor" product both in the bag and between the bag and sleeve. This worked well enough for one more season but I new it was a stop gap method.

I purchased and installed:
IMTRA Marine Products
You might try calling the West Marine in Toledo OH, they had two "old stock" items and may still have one. If you call, ask for the manager, they know best what they have.
I chose to install a replacement bag for it's a simple installation, no chance of a "vent plug — tank collapse upon pump out" failure. It took longer to shop for than to install this item.

Take this opportunity to install new non odor permeable hose her is a guide to get started . YouTube - Shields Sanitation Hose Product Overview

Here is a link to a small family company. These are nice folks and boaters too... Dock Boxes, Marine RV Holding & Water Tanks, Shower Sump Tanks, Buoys They may accept your cardboard mockup and pick out the best match from their extensive stock. If you are sure where you want them, they should be able to install the holes.

Also, all I-28 owners should consider installing a vacuum breaker in the tank vent line. Our '79 I-28 did not have one and on Port tack we filled the bag (scary — a quivering, bulging thirty year old bag of "never get the smell out, dear god I hope this holds till we get to the pump out...) Consider what would happened if the joker valve failed under that condition! :-0

I didn't really want to drill through the cabinetry so I compromised the install of the loop. I attached it the the underside of the deck, as far inboard as possible. When heeling with the rail in the water, the loop is now still above the water (most of the time) and being vented, it won't "siphon fill" the bag.

Very Best Regards,
Paul Comte
1979 I-28
Milwaukee WI

28islander 02-01-2011 07:30 PM

Thanks for the reply Paul. I guess there are not a lot of 2I8 owners out there with holding tank issues. I found a tank at Ronco that will fit in the starboard settee locker. I made a cardboard mock-up of it to be sure it fit. It is only 10 gallons but that should be sufficient. The price is about half of the flexible tank. There is no writing on the old tank but I am sure it is the original tank. It has some of the stock brown paint on it that Islander seemed to have used in a lot of their boats. The tank should arrive in a couple of weeks. No more having to massage the bladder when pumping out. That will be nice.

joelozzy 03-13-2011 06:57 PM

Haven't checked Sailnet's threads in at least three years. According to the 2I8 posts, I've been missing some good advice. Good to see that you're still out here providing good DIY wisdom Paul!

I'm looking at replacing the old 'Firestone' bag this summer, and re-designing the septic system to pump overboard. The existing setup has several plastic gate valves installed between the thru-hull (beneath the bag), the bag and the toilet. I'd like to keep the existing head (Jabsco, replaced in '03), install a whale gusher pump with lockable y-valve, and new solid holding tank.

Can you provide me with more information on the solid tank you were able to buy? Thanks much. ~Joel

S/V Optiminium
1976 2I8

28islander 03-15-2011 11:36 PM

Joelozzy, I got a 10 gallon tank from Ronco, #B217. It fits under the starboard settee where the bladder tank used to sit.

joelozzy 03-16-2011 01:12 AM

Great, thanks for the info. Found the tank at, now comes the hard part: shipping to AK. :)

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