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NicPreller 05-07-2006 12:53 PM

J24 Owners
Seems that I previously had two extra feet in the water.
For those of you who are interested, J Boats have an excellent site:

pluscard 06-20-2006 08:03 AM

Do we have any other J/24 sailors here on Sailnet?

Mine is a 1980 model, hull 2011 I think.

Mike Luddy
South Hill, VA

bigcatcher 06-28-2006 06:01 PM

J/24 Owners
Yes, I have a 1981 J/24, #2590. She is named Redline.

pluscard 06-30-2006 05:04 PM

Cool - so at least two of us can compare notes... Do you ever unstep your mast? I find it to be a bit scary...


dirtylittlesecret 07-31-2006 02:16 PM

1980 J24 Hull # 2276 Wahkean.:D Where you guys located?

edmadison23 01-03-2008 04:10 PM


Do you ever unstep your mast? I find it to be a bit scary...
remember, if you control the bottom of the control the top. :)

slaclough 02-17-2008 11:50 PM

J24 owners
Any remaining J24 owners in this forum?

bubb2 02-17-2008 11:55 PM

you might want to check out this thread

hphoen 02-18-2008 06:29 AM

Any of you guys thought about taking a chainsaw to your boat? :eek:;):D

pibraady 02-29-2008 10:04 PM

Empty barrel makes the greatest sound
Not much on my mind. Basically not much exciting going on today. Eh. Today was a complete loss. I've pretty much been doing nothing. Not much noteworthy happening to speak of. Not much on my mind recently. I haven't gotten anything done for a while. Not much on my mind worth mentioning. Shrug. That's how it is. I feel like a fog. I can't be bothered with anything these days. Pretty much nothing seems worth thinking about, but oh well. I guess it doesn't bother me. More or less not much noteworthy happening today. Maybe tomorrow. Not much on my mind worth mentioning. I haven't been up to much lately, but I guess it doesn't bother me. Pretty much not much exciting going on. Pfft.

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