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chuck5499 10-06-2009 09:38 AM

engine cutoff
We have a jeanneau ds40 with a yanmar 4jh3e - all of a sudden the engine cutoff button does not work -- anyone have a similar problem - any thoughts?
chuck patty and svsoulmates
on the hook solomons md

pedcab 10-06-2009 05:06 PM

Assuming yours is a relatively modern powerplant, my guess is a faulty diesel cutoff solenoid, or its connections.

Most modern diesel engines cutoff systems rely on a normally open solenoid to actuate an auxiliary valve, usually located at an acessible point of the injection pump body, which breaks diesel flow when actuated, thus bringing the engine to a halt.

Out of curiosity, this is why modern diesel engined cars with a completely dead battery often fail to start by pushing them: The solenoid needs at least some energy from the battery to open the valve and allow diesel through.

Older engines used to have a mechanically actuated decompressor which actuated by means of a steel cable or rigid rod connection and (almost) never failed.

Anyway, if you look carefully you should be able to find the place where a wire connects to the injection pump. That's where your solenoid is. Simply turn your ignition switch on (without cranking the engine) and search for an audible "click". The same should be heard when switching back to off.
If no sound is heard you probably have a faulty solenoid giving you a headache. If you're familiar with simple troubleshooting procedures you should then jumpwire the connections to try to understand if the problem is from the solenoid itself or its connections, if you don't you should in your own interest get the engine serviced by an electrician...

We have a saying here at our sailing club that goes: The worse part of any sailing boat is its engine :)

Hope to have been of any help

Regards from Portugal


PS:Curiosity: How did you manage to kill the engine when the cutoff first failed?

chuck5499 10-06-2009 05:34 PM

thanks for the note P. --
we got is stopped by pushing a small plunger on the fore end of the solenoid and that cut the fuel supply - read that in the yanmar owners manual that i bought seperate - or at least figured it out from there
thanks for your thoughts
will let you know
chuck patty and svsoulmates
on the hook solomons md

chuck5499 01-11-2010 11:12 AM

OK all got it fixed -- changed the solenoid - no go
changed the stop engine button - no go
then talked to mechanic and he suggested relay - missed it when i looked at diagram - duhhhhh
took relay out and went to yanmar dealer and ordered new one - no go - it did not fit - so ordered second one after dealer talked to yanmar - still no go - did not fit -
talked to mechanic and while on the phone noted that it said made in france on it - both mechanic and i chuckled as we think jeanneau changed out the relay from a yanmar part to a french part - took it to an auto parts store and they found one but is 30 amps not 25 - so put it in and it works great -
as info
chuck patty and svsoulmates
on a mooring miami waiting on a weather window to cross to islands

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