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denverd0n 11-03-2009 02:37 PM

Sun Shine 36
Looking at a Jeanneau Sun Shine 36, 1986, with an eye towards buying. Anyone know anything about this model that they want to share?


blt2ski 11-03-2009 07:39 PM

Its a Tony Castro design. There are two versions, a 36, and a 38' with a "true" or what I would call a "true" sugar scoop stern, not a walk thru sugar scoop. And a regatta version that fills in the back of the sugar scoop for a filled in really raked back transom. Fairly quick for it size and the time frame from which it was designed. I know of two owners locally in the puget sound region with them. Not sure where you are looking. there is another for sale in this region too.

They came either fin or cb models, the fin being the lighter quicker etc. Going across oceans would not be an issue either, as many were raced in some of the longer races back in the 80's.

There is an active owners group at along with a forum that goes with that page. Its reasonably active for a forum. not like here.

owners manual

I have an 84 Arcadia, which is a 30' version of the SS36/38. I would suspect the SS to sail on par with mine, being as both are designed by Tony Castro.

Here is an owners review of the ss36 on the JO site.


welpman 03-04-2010 02:04 PM

Jeanneau SunShine 36/38 (1986)
We have one of the two Jeanneau Sunshine’s in the Puget Sound. I bought Cygnet two years ago. I cruise about 45 days each summer and a couple of weekend cruises a month. I've logged over 4500 nm since I bought her. The boat is a true joy to sail.

Great cruising boat, and with a handicap of 114 she is fun to race too. The sugar scoop gives you almost three feet more of water line. You will pay for that extra waterline in slip fees. The sugar scoop makes an excellent swim step and dingy dock. Everyone asks, "What is that" and did you put it on. The sugar scoop was factory installed. So you have the same water line as the Sunshine Regatta (38)

We have a true sugar scoop on the boat (not a walk through transom. (Both of Puget Sound Sunshine’s have a sugar scoops). I have the swing keel which draws a total of 9 ft when deployed. Keel up we have a "Spade" Keel which draws 5'4". The boat goes to weather wonderfully with the keel down. She is a very balanced boat. Once you've trimmed the boat, you can let go of the wheel and she'll sail herself. I've had her up to 8.6kts in a blow crossing Haro Straits. She did well in the heavy wind, the skipper not so much. The Sunshine will do ~ 7.5kt in a nice breeze without any effort.

My only complaint is the motor is a bit under powered. So in the summer months when the wind is not that great, we have to do a lot of motoring. With a Yanmar 3HM35 you can cruise at 5.5 to 6 kts. Most of my cruising buddies make port before I do if we’re on the motor.

Interior: We have three staterooms, one is now a garage. Refer is large, two burner propane stove and oven work well. A well appointed head. I'm 6'2", head room forward of the compression post is a bit low. Main Cabin is just fine. Lots of teak throughout the cabin. Not much topside, so bright work is not a big problem. Of course this is an older boat, so there is the maintenance required to keep the boat in tip top shape.

All in all Cygnet has been a great boat. I would recommend anyone looking at a Jeanneau Sunshine to take a good long look. I’m glad I did.

Mark Welpman
SV Cygnet

The Cygnet - Windows Live

blt2ski 03-04-2010 06:20 PM


You are one of 4 boats that I know of. Yours, BVizanor - Seattle, DArnold in Anacortes, and one for sale in Des Moines with MSC. You are the only swing keel that I know of, the others are fin keels. I believe all have the ext sterns.

It would also not surprise me to see one or two up in BC. I know of three Arcadia's here south of the border, one north all with names. The fellow in BC and I know of one other up there.

So a few more than you knew about.


welpman 03-26-2010 04:03 PM


I know Bob V. We chat and share information. If you have the contact Info for the other Sunshine owners? Could pass mine on to the other Sunshine owners, that would be great! I have lots of questions about their boats.

So where are you homeported out of? Like I sail we spend a lot of time up north. I'd love to stop by on a cruise up north and say hello.

Mark W.
SV Cygnet

blt2ski 03-27-2010 12:36 AM


I'm in Edmonds. One of the other boats in Anacortes, I do not have a current email for dan any more. The other is in Des Moines. MSC had it listed thru about mid december?!?!?!?! not sure if it sold or not. If I run into Dan or Jeff tomorrow night at a dinner at Meydenbauer YC after a regatta, I'll ask if they have contact for the two boats.

Also, on the Jeanneau owners forum, a fellow is looking at a CB boat, I am assuming the one listed in Fl. I gave him a link to your blog.


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