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AlexMia 05-11-2011 06:37 PM

Jeanneau 42 DS Comissioning
I just took delivery of a brand new 2011 42 DS from my dealer FLY in Miami.

We took the boat out of the water to install some underwater lights and a generator, and i found a gap between the hull and the keel.

Not only that, but the keel has been fixed and re-painted with a different paint !. My dealer assure me that the boat comes from Jeanneau America like this, but there is damage and it has been fix prior to the commissioning.

The question is , if they need to fix it, is becouse something really bad happen, even do the delaer promise me to fix it, how can i know how bad the keel is now, alignment etc etc.

When i send the posted picture to jeannou America they disagree that was form a new 2011 boat......very very funny.

hellosailor 05-11-2011 08:24 PM

"how can i know how bad the keel is now, alignment etc etc."
You hire a surveyor to inspect it. Ask around for a recommendation--and preferably someone who doesn't know the dealer.

"When i send the posted picture to jeannou America they disagree that was form a new 2011 boat......very very funny."
Jeanneau says what? That the hull and keel are new and undamaged? And you have that in writing?
If there is concealed damage on the boat, and the dealer says there is no damage, that could be criminal fraud. But you will need to document things. Get a written answer from the dealer, from Jeanneau, and from at least one credentialed surveyor to find out what you have.
Gaps...doesn't mean anything per se. WHy do you say the keel was "fixed" as opposed to perhaps simply being faired, or painted with a different paint than the hull?

AlexMia 05-12-2011 12:49 AM

1 Attachment(s)
Because the different paint is on the defective cooking and on the top front keel bottom, showing exactly where they fix it. the areas also has been sand- blasted,
And they fix it on a hurry painting on top of the dirt. Remember this should be a sparkling new boat.

SVPrairieRose 05-12-2011 01:23 AM

That sucks and is inexcusable. Document everything, phone calls, photos emails and do not accept delivery of this vessel until you are satisfied. Good luck. Can we get some larger photos?

hellosailor 05-12-2011 07:32 AM

Cooking: Caulking?

That sure looks like one incredibly big ugly improper gap. In my limited experience a nasty enough one to make me wonder if it was attached properly and profesionally at all.

If you haven't accepted delivery, don't. Get the surveyor, insist that Jeanneau have someone down to inspect the boat (and present their conclusion in writing) and if someone doesn't pull a rabbit out of the hat, you may need an attorney. Not just to get your deposit back, but to avoid being sued for refusing delivery. It might be worth contacting Jeanneau headquarters as well, and telling them there's something very odd happening over here.

It is hard to tell from that picture, but it sure does look nasty.

PCP 05-12-2011 07:54 AM


Originally Posted by AlexMia (Post 729588)
Because the different paint is on the defective cooking and on the top front keel bottom, showing exactly where they fix it. the areas also has been sand- blasted,
And they fix it on a hurry painting on top of the dirt. Remember this should be a sparkling new boat.

That is absolutely incredible. You should not only protest with Jeanneau America but also send that to Jeanneau headquarters in France. After all they are the ones that have to protect Jeanneau name and probably are going to ask Jeanneau America what the hell is that.

hellosailor is right. Get a surveyor, document it and reject the boat, send it to the shipyard again to be fully remade. If they don't act quickly make all the noise you can and post this on all boats forums, including Jeanneau forum (talk with Marty).

Try to talk directly with EriK Stromberg the Director of After sales from Jeanneau America. I know the guy and I believe he will take the right steeps to see what happened and to correct the situation. Sometimes you should go right to the top because middle men just don't want to assume any responsibility.

Erik Stromberg | Jeanneau America | Email, Customer Support Manager,



blt2ski 05-12-2011 10:06 AM


It has been posted on the JO site. I have not looked over there in the last 10 or so hours to see if anyone has posted an opin or equal. That site can be pretty slow at times.

My own opin here, it either was not put on correctly from the get go, by either the dealer or where it was made, ie J US in South Carolina, or J Fr. As I can not remember if 42's are made in SC, I thought it was only the 36i and 39i hulls. The 42 and larger I beleive are made in Fr, then shipped here via on there own hull or freighter.

My other thought, Assuming made in SC, they put it int he water correctly, it was shipped on its hull south to Miami, somewhere the delivery capt ran aground, damage as shown occured, and half ass fix was down or not at all. If built in Fr, sailed across Atlantic, ran aground tween there and here, again fix half assed done or not at all.

If truck from SC to Miami, the keel is not attached at Jeanneau plant, Dealer installs keel, during a test sail, boat runs aground, "assuming the OP is not the buyer before the hull was manufactured and has bought a in stock boat" Dealer has not fixed or did a half assed fix. Another, dealer did not install keel correctly, or where the boat was splashed, the trip to the dealer water yard the boat ran aground, not fixed as of yet......

Local dealers splash yard if you will is 80 miles north of the Seattle in water sales place, so I do feel a grounding from work yard to in water sales yard could occur. or other options.

I also feel things like this occur to the best of us, like me last night running aground during a race. The issue appears to be VERY fixable. Of which, the dealer needs to make good on this at the very least, then Jeanneau America to France, depending upon the where the boat was manufactured, how delivered etc, ASSUMING the boat is new never owned. If used......whole nother issue!


blt2ski 05-12-2011 10:10 AM

Now that I went back over there and looked, Zanshin who posts here made a comment, similar to mine, "how was the boat shipped to miami etc?" Not much more than that said by him, other than to have a surveyor look at it, to see how much damage, or how to fix.


AlexMia 05-12-2011 01:58 PM

More Pics.
2 Attachment(s)
This boat was deliver to Florida Yatchs for a boat show in St Petersburg and then move to the boat show in Miami. The keel was install in St Petersburg by an unknown yard.
To me the paint on the side of the keel shows that has been re-painted, but because this could be criminal, they are very sensitive about giving me information.
At this point, Paul Rovinson, (Service Manager) offers to re-attach the keel and re-paint, but I'm not sure how big could be the damage done, and I bough a new boat, not a repair one.

Very difficult decision for me after investing so much money.

blt2ski 05-12-2011 11:20 PM

First off, My 25 yr old Jeanneau every 2-3 yrs when I haul it out, has cracks to a point like what is shown. As do many others I know of other brands etc. Typical issue to a point for sailboats with keels.

BUT, with this in mind, TO me it still looks like someone grounded the boat with that much of a crack in the keel moving from initial yard, to boat show, to the yard you took delivery from IIRC the Dealer in FL has MANY sales sites. Who is to say how many times the boat was moved etc.

Not sure I would call what you see criminal, UNLESS they know a paid delivery person did the damage, and has not confessed, and they need to go after them. Or from your posting, I am assuming you are not english speaking as a #1 language, more a #2 or 3. So criminal is the word you are using to mean maddening or some other such thing.

I personally do not see an issue with the dealer/yard pulling the keel off, refairing the hull, rebolting, gluing etc the keel back on. That is the least they can do. This occurs I do not want to say frequently with older boats, but as I mentioned earlier, this cracking, and having to rebed the keel is a common maintenance issue you may or will have to do down the road.

In the mean time, Even if you were buying a catalina, hunter, Oyster etc..... The damage you see could occur if the boat was grounded as I suspect in an initial run. or test sail etc. It is not in your best interest to bad mouth the dealer or manufacture with this issue IMHO. Sure ask how it can be fixed, get it fixed on there nickel before taking delivery, and enjoy the boat. Keep posting here and over at the jeanneau owners site, register you boat in the owners area too. There are also some owners groups getting formed thru out the US, or if you are from elsewhere, look towards home to see what might be local also.


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