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drobarge 04-26-2012 10:12 PM

anybody interested?
Ambassador crew for lake Erie needed. No this is not spam

Ambassador Crew Program | Unsalted Sailing

bljones 04-27-2012 12:19 AM

Re: anybody interested?
What's in it for me? Are there shirts? Chicks? Free rum?

drobarge 04-27-2012 12:32 AM

Re: anybody interested?
Ask them, it's not my site

CalebD 04-27-2012 01:24 AM

Re: anybody interested?
No hot chicks, warm rum or cold beers from what I could tell.
They just want you to link your web page to them.
The Smackdaddy of Lake Ontario?

Alibaba 04-29-2012 01:50 PM

Re: anybody interested?

Originally Posted by bljones (Post 863921)
What's in it for me? Are there shirts? Chicks? Free rum?

If you are willing to share stories and photos. If you use Facebook, Twitter, or have a blog. If you are willing to help spread the Unsalted Sailing love in your neck of the woods…we’ love to hear from you.

In exchange for your contributions, you will receive…Unsalted Sailing gear and swag to give away to all your sailing friends, along with the sweet title of “Unsalted Sailing Ambassador Crew Member” and a profile on the website.


Send us an email with a quick background (where you sail, what you sail, how long you’ve been

I was hoping this post was looking for volunteers to pull some ropes or hoist some Sails for the Flagship Niagra. Which is docked in Erie Pennsylvania on Lake Erie`s southern shore.

1812-2012, 200 years anniversary of he War of 1812, in which this ship participated, to defeat the British Navy and its Canadian supporters.
(America will never forget that Canada supported and aided the enemy.)

`Canada now has radar & metal detectors to guard its borders from another US Invasion. The Wooden ship Niagra should slip right thru all security. With Canada moving to the Political Left, its better we fighgt them up there than to fight them down here. All American Citizen volunteers, sign up now.

I hope you all realize this is joke, but I would like to take a ride on the Niagra.

Alibaba 05-08-2012 02:42 PM

Re: anybody interested?
on June 23rd 2012, Crosby, Stills and Nash (1960`s rock band) has scheduled a concert in Erie Pa to raise money for improvements to the Ere Pa Historical sites.

The Concert will be limited to a few thousand seats and outdoors at Presque Isle`s Beach #11, Rain or Shine.. Tickets are $100.00 each.

Alibaba 06-24-2012 03:39 PM

Re: anybody interested?
24 june 2012.. I just realized that I missed the CSN concert yesterday up at Presque Isle.

i also noticed tha Sailnet`s lake Erie section has very few readers..

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