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chamonix 10-02-2012 07:47 PM

Review of my season on Georgian Bay
Wrote out a review of my season more for my benefit than anyone else's. Pretty boring stuff really. But of course after all that effort the system would not let me post it. What a complete and total waste of my time, so screw it.

canadianseamonkey 10-03-2012 10:45 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
Ah really? I would have loved to read it. I miss my sailing in Georgian Bay and the North Channel.

chamonix 10-06-2012 01:43 AM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
Might give it another try. But I wasn't kidding about the boring part.

chamonix 10-12-2012 05:34 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
All right. I'll try this again, put it on multiple posts on this thread. Its more for my benefit. When we bought the boat three years ago I had a sort of plan on how to proceed. Year one was to spend most of our time at the marina taking day sails. the objective was to learn how to sail.
Year two was much the same but with overnight trips thrown in to get the hang of anchoring and living on the hook( sort off).
The third year was to be a big year. the objective was to spend more time on the hook, travel further afield, and to do some extended trips up to a week or longer.
The ultimate objective is to get more comfortable cruising then head up to the North Channel.
So this was a big year for us and that is why I'm putting it down in righting. I need to evaluate how we did ( we being the wife and I ). More posts to follow. Put in some links to video's, just to keep it interesting in the odd chance someone else looks at this. If you look at the video's ignore my comments. I talk a lot of nonsense, I feel I need to talk but am more focused on taking the video than what I'm saying.

chamonix 10-12-2012 06:03 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
So what made this a big year? Well it was the number of " first's " . First year we've spent more time on the water than at the marina. First time out of the Severn Sound area and into Georgian Bay proper. First time docking at a strange port. First time on the small craft route. First night transit and sail, to name a few.
As stated we spent more time on the water than at the marina. Actually on looking back we did spend more time at the Marina than I thought, but most of that time was spent doing maintenance on the boat. When we where at the boat to relax, we were out on the water.
The highlight of the season was two extended trips. One a trip around the southern half of Georgian Bay for six days. and the secound to Parry Sound and back. I'll cover the two trips next.

chamonix 10-12-2012 06:28 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
The first leg of the the first trip was from Penetang to Hope Island. Rough trip with wind from the North at about 20 to 30 knots. The waves between Hope and Giant tomb Island were nasty. Due to the direction of the wind and time we motored the whole way ( wanted to relax and check out hope island ). Never been to Hope Island, I find Beckwith so nice that I just can't be bothered continuing to Hope. After staying at Hope I still prefer Beckwith despite the " Beckwith Bounce ". Hope seems to be a more exposed anchorage,and not as pretty. We past Hope again on the way back on a Sunday morning and there must have been 50 to 60 boats anchored there.

chamonix 10-12-2012 06:51 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
Secound leg first trip was from Hope island to the town of Thornbury at the very southern end of Georgian Bay. Was looking forward to this leg, the winds are usually from the North West making a nice beam to broad reach sail. In my mind this was to be the big sail of the trip. Did not work out that way, winds from the South and light, so we motored the whole way again. So why Thornbury? Friends of my wife ( actually all "our" friends are friends of my wife, I don't have nor feel the need for friends) took a trip there and said it was great. Ever since, when ever I ask my wife where we should go, she says Thornbury. In truth this whole trip was to get that monkey of my back.
Thornbury was nice. Stayed at the Municipal docks. Good set up but expensive, aprox. $70.00 for one night. Nice town with a nice waterfront. Has a damn with super fish ladder, good trip to take in the fall to see the salmon and trout climb the fish ladder. Had a great meal at a Scottish pub called the Damn Pub. Mussels in a coconut curry sauce, haggis and mashed spuds washed down with a nice single malt.
All in all found the town a bit to "artsy" for my taste, all the stores are the type that are decorated tastefully. So tastefully that you are not sure whats for sale or even what the hell their selling.
The bad news was that it started raining shortly after we arrived and continued until the evening of the next day.

chamonix 10-12-2012 07:17 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
Next leg was to Colpoy Bay on the East side of the Bruce Peninsula. This is North West of Thornbury and another 20 to 30 miles. As stated the winds are usually North West, so I figured we would have to motor it. I was right. the winds shifted back to the Northwest. Rainy, low clouds, pretty miserable. It's amazing how the lack of sun can put a damper on the whole mood of sailing. I lived my early life in a rainy place, rain is normally like comfort food for me, but not when on the water. Another first was hooking up the auto pilot and actually using it. Its an ancient belt driven thing that came with the boat. Surprise, surprise, I figured out how to put it together, it worked, and it made a big difference to our comfort this leg.
Our anchorage was half way down Colpoy Bay. Kidd bay off White Cloud Island to be exact. Good secure anchorage with a nice view of some of the Bruce Paninsula's rock formations. One other boat there, a Niagara 35.

chamonix 10-12-2012 08:13 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay day it is off to Wingfield basin to the north. Small craft warning in effect, winds from the East 15 to 20 knots. Waves 1 to 1 1/2 meters. So we motor out of Colpoy Bay and into some pretty big waves. Not as big as on our first leg, but that was only for an hour and heading straight into them. This is another 20 to 30 miles with the waves on our beam.
We decide to turn around, as we head back in the Niagara is heading out. From a distance it looks like a power boat it's throwing that much spray from it's bow. As its passing we (OK, me) decides we are just being wimps, so we turn back around and head for Wingfield. As we leave the Bay, again, a big Hunter passes us and puts up it's sails! Right, That's it for me, we have not sailed since we began this trip and I'm sick of motoring. Sails up, reef in, and off we go on one of the best sails we've had since we started sailing. Its amazing how the sails smooth out the ride over the waves.
I'm posting some video we made. Even I've got to admit the waves seem tame compared how they seemed that day. Noticed it on other video's I've seen. Whats with that?

chamonix 10-12-2012 11:01 PM

Re: Review of my season on Georgian Bay
OK so we make Windfield basin about 5:00 PM. I was concerned about the entrance, looked narrow on the chart with range markers to guide you in. Turns out it's buoyed as well. Very protected anchorage. Nice lighthouse to go visit, the remains of an old steamer, and a flock of ducks that go from boat to boat demanding a free meal.
Turns out the Niagara 35 from Colpoy Bay was there. Told them that we were turning back when we saw them heading out and that caused us to turn back towards Wingfield. They told us that when they saw us turning back, they were very close to turning around themselves.
The next morning we were to leave for a long leg back to Hope Island ( about 40 to 45 miles I think ). Unfortunately the wind was still strong from the East with good sized waves. The forecast was calling for the wind to switch back to the West and decrease later in the afternoon. We were on a bit of a schedule and had to leave that day to be back at Penetang on Sunday. Original plan was wingfield to Hope on Saturday, hope to Penetang on Sunday. New plan, leave Wingfield Saturday afternoon, sail through the night, anchor and sleep for 4/5 hours at Hope Sunday morning, and then back to Penetang. Only problem, never sailed or motored at night before.

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