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jimmybuffet 07-10-2012 02:57 PM

Looking to sail on Lake Michigan!
Hello All,
I am a mid-thirties fun guy looking for someone or some people to teach me how to sail or go out for fun rides. I live in Chicago steps from Montrose Harbor and a simple bike ride to all other harbor's. I am able to go sailing during the day anytime and on weekends. My girlfriend would love to go and learn on the weekends as our plan is to get a boat in the future, or we can kick her to the land ;). Please email me and maybe we can come up with a fun plan.
Happy sailing.

dive7mmwet 01-06-2013 10:22 AM

Re: Looking to sail on Lake Michigan!
Too bad no one sent a reply,
Don't give up!

hey great idea for you both see if you have a sailing club or group out of marina near you, seems like most old sailor's and there dropin dead by the day! I hope don't discourage the new ones coming up in the ranks! They had to learn one time too or was it passed thru DNA?>Ok done bashin the old salts now!
Hit the marina harbormaster up I am sure you can find some one to get you out in the short season we have each year!
Last year the Lake water near shore was so warm and winds not best some weekends we had asked folks out and no takers so heck to them ! we cruised every weekend weather permitting!!NO JOKE WIND OR NOT! Friday PM till the late hours Sunday's back at port, cleaning her down on the way so it was tie off & toss the trash!
It was priceless summer on the Lake & Bay
from Milwaukee to Door county and in between and we have more to find this year!

sailortjk1 01-06-2013 11:52 AM

Re: Looking to sail on Lake Michigan!
Sorry I missed this...

I am more familiar with Monroe Harbor to the South of the OP, but that short bike ride is absolutely beautiful on the Lake Shoe Trail.

These guys can be a great place to start, Captain Jim is a good friend of mine..

Also Captain Mike...
Go-Sailing-Chicago - Sailboat-Charters - Sailing Lessons - Home

Both operate out of Du Sable or Monroe Harbors. If you don't have a boat and are looking to get out on the water you might want to give them a call.

Make sure you stop by and say hello to these folks, you will find them most weekends simply habging out in the "North Wall" area of Monroe Harbor
Welcome to the Poor Man's Yacht Club
If your looking for a cold beer or Rum you will find it here.

Strictly Sail Chicago is coming up soon, you will find more info walking the floor there.

I believe Montrose Yacht Club has a Wednesday Night Race Series. Walk the docks and see what happens. Ask around.

Monroe's Wednesday Nights are actually very competitive with about 100 boats every week. Ask around at Columbia (a bit easier access than Chicago) and Chicago Yacht Clubs.

If you have any other questions about cruising etc. I have plenty of opinions to offer.

Hope the Op is still around. :)

hillenme 01-08-2013 12:14 AM

Definitely look up 3cc and Jim. I learned to sail with them and lead classes for students last summer. It's a great, fun group of people and it's hands on from day 1. Classes are three hours long and cover a variety of info. Can't best the view either :cool:

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