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Thermophile 09-23-2013 06:00 PM

Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
Hello all, ive been snooping around these forums and found it a really good forum environment compared to most other forums ive been on. So first off grats on that!

Personally ive always lived near rivers and love the water, but never had the money for a boat. I talked to some people on chat, and they helped me find boats in my price range.

Now, on to sailing and learning how to sail. I live in NJ about 15 min out of manhatten. So there are plenty of marinas and docks. But all the sailing lessons i find are upwards of 500$ is that because of my location or is that a normal cost for 2 day lessons?

Also,what do i need to expect to spend having my boat parked at a dock monthly?

Thanks for the help!!!


bljones 09-23-2013 06:17 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
Therm, here's a great way to learn how to sail for free:
There are a few Hudson river sailors here on the fourms, who will likely chime in (Caleb, you got your ears on?) who might be able to point you toward raceboats looking for railmeat. crewing on a boat in beercan races is IMO the best possible way to get a feel for a boat, and pick up the fundamentals of sailing. Then, buy a tanzer 22 and go sailing.

emcentar 09-23-2013 06:24 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
Hi and welcome to Sailnet.

Sailing lessons aren't generally cheap, but in my opinion they are worth it. It's nice to get some experience under your belt before buying a sailboat of your own. Also, renting boats or joining a sailing club is generally a much cheaper way to get into sailing than purchasing a boat.

You don't mention what $500 will buy, but generally $400-$650 will cover a weekend sailing course. An ASA certification course is usually longer and more expensive ($900-$2000). Hopefully someone in your area will weigh in this thread with recommendations for schools and clubs.

With regards to slip costs - there's enormous range here. In the Chesapeake region, costs range from $1000 a year for bare bones marinas to $5000 for country-club style marinas. In between, expect to pay about $2500-$3500 a year for a slip in a decent marina with some facilities (bathroom, pool, maintenance yard, power hookups). Moorings are cheaper but you need a plan for getting to the boat (and a place to store a dinghy) and for working on the boat. NY/NJ prices might be even higher than this.

Good luck and welcome to sailing. Not the cheapest sport on earth, but so much fun.

jeremiahblatz 09-23-2013 06:51 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.

I registered an account to reply to your message. I'd recommend that before you buy a boat, you join a sailing club. There are a bunch on the Hudson in both NJ and NY. A bit over a year ago, I joined one (HRCS) with no sailing experience at all. I had read one of those "intro to sailing boats," so I sorta knew what the parts of the boat were. I didn't take any classes, but I went out on an instructor-led sail or two, before going on sails with other members. I soon got in with a bad crowd (racers) and during the last fall and spring and summer of this year, I've been out about 3 days every week. I never did get around to taking a class.

The membership fees are quite reasonable, especially compared with paying for a mooring spot. The nice part about the New York area is that there are enough people that sailing clubs work really well. I personally know of Hudson River Community Sailing, the Manhattan Sailing Club, the Hoboken Sailing Club, and SailNY. There are probably more.

Thermophile 09-23-2013 08:02 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
I really apreciate every one taking time to help!

chuck53 09-23-2013 08:49 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
I'm sure if you use Google, you will find local marinas and most likely, they will have their rates posted. I'm pretty sure rates in your neck of the woods are going to be higher than what we see in the Chesapeake Bay.

CalebD 09-23-2013 09:37 PM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
I'm in lower manhattan.
If I didn't have my own boat I'd probably belong the the Hudson River Community Sailing group. I think it offers the most for the least financial drain.
SailNY - New York City's Community Sailing Association

Otherwise the Raritan Yacht Club has races most Sunday's & probably Wednesday in season.
I think you'd be lucky to find a 2 day 101 course for less than $1000.

Thermophile 09-24-2013 12:51 AM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
most things i set my mind to i end up learning mostly on my own. partly because i'm a very self motivated/quick learner/bad with authority.

i really just want to get the basics so i could get out there and start really figuring things out! i know it prolly sounds bad to vetted sailors "who thinks they can just START sailing" but its really the best way for me to learn. lol

Thermophile 09-24-2013 12:54 AM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
ok so if i join a sailing club other options for learning might come around, jeremiah?

smackdaddy 09-24-2013 01:03 AM

Re: Very n00b questions from a prospective sailor.
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Dude - do whatever you have to do. Get on a sailboat. Go sailing.

You'll be much happier. Trust me.

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