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CrusadingDemon 05-28-2001 05:45 PM

"No Go Zone"
Hi! My name is Joe and I''m rather new to sailing. I have been boating countless times in my life but until recently, I had never been sailing. I''m still a beginner and I have a lot to learn, but lately I have been beating myself up because I find that if I don''t grab enough speed before a tack or if I overshoot a Gyb (I hope I spelled that right) I will lose my power in the middle of the "No Go Zone" and get stuck with my head in the wind. I will lose all my speed and undershoot a tack and the sails will just start luffing... The only way I have been able to get out of this situation is to use the motor and I consider that to be "cheating"... if anybody has any tips about how to fight out of the "No Fly Zone", or any tips that will help me avoid getting caught with my bow facind the wind I would appreciate it if you would help me out and post them here.

CrusadingDemon 05-28-2001 05:49 PM

"No Go Zone"
I''m sorry, but when I wrote "No Fly Zone" I meant "No Go Zone"... I''m in the middle of reading a book about WWII fighter pilots and I got the two "Zones" confused.

roncovington 05-28-2001 07:29 PM

"No Go Zone"
Hello, my name is Ron, I too just bought my very first sailboat and currently attempting to sail, I''m frightening my wife more than anything, I guess I''m getting too much wind. Anyway I found some inresting notes at that might help you with the "No Go Zone".
Happy sailing

MikeField 06-03-2001 12:13 AM

"No Go Zone"
CD, if you''ve missed stays, come head to wind, and stopped, then (apart from cheating) to slacken off the mainsheet if it''s not already, and back the headsail -- pull it up to windward with its sheet. This will cause the bow to fall back on the same tack, and the boat itself to start going backwards.

(If at this point you were to tighten in the mainsheet and put the helm down (to leeward, so that the mainsail is trying to drive you fdorwards while the foresail is trying to drive you backwards) you would have "hove to" -- very useful, as you make very little headway and only moderate drift, which is great for making a cuppa.)

With the mainsheet still slack, though, and the boat going backwards, the rudder has the opposite effect, so put the helm down and wait for her head to fall off properly. Then reverse the helm, tighten the mainsheet, and you''re sailing as you were, ready to try tacking again.

Also, see JeffH''s comments further down on Tacking.

luxco48 07-20-2001 11:52 AM

"No Go Zone"
Larry Lux here. I find that if you keep the jib sheet cleated (or at least tensioned in your hand) until you back it, it''ll push you through the head up position pretty quickly. Then you just go about your business. I sail a Catalina 22'' and haven''t experienced any problems like you describe, even when I don''t have much speed going into a tack.

Are you sure you''re not letting up on the tiller too soon, actually stopping your tack in the middle?

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