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CRios 09-29-2001 02:46 PM

Is sailing for me?
I''m a very big guy who is interested in sailing. What would be some of the major problems and complications I would have. Is this sport just not for me?



mvicsail 09-30-2001 09:59 PM

Is sailing for me?
As long as mobility is not an issue then I don''t see why not(and even mobility issues need not stop you, "Aspect computing" crewed by disabled sailors not only survived the atrocious 1979 Fastnet but also won their division). I am 6''4" and 320lbs and have never had any problems sailing little keeless toppers on up. Just watch your head and when the helmsman shouts "about":-)

Have fun big fella;-)

shopkins 10-02-2001 02:54 PM

Is sailing for me?
I have a good friend who is a "very big guy" who sails very well. He doesn''t feel self-conscious, faces reality, is competent and fun to be around. Attitude counts, size does not. There are places in a cruiser where you''ll have a tight fit, so you''ll have to be realistic and prepared to make other arrangements. Go for it.

CRios 10-03-2001 08:55 PM

Is sailing for me?
Hey guys, thanks very much for the response. Most encouraging. I''m going to make my question more specific. I''m interested in club sailing at my school. They use: "Flying Juniors, which are double-handed competitive racing boats."

Does anyone know the specifics of how sailing/racing is done with these boats? What about weight capacity? Would the boat be keeling over the whole time?

I appreciate your help,


mvicsail 10-03-2001 09:28 PM

Is sailing for me?
Not sure what boats they use but if mobility and fitness are not issues (competative sailing in the smaller boats really can be an athletic sport)then the weight may even be an advantage in heavier wind. Small boats can be allot of fun, only way to really know is to try it. If the boat sinks(it won''t) then try a bigger class of boat;-)

CRios 10-04-2001 09:13 AM

Is sailing for me?
they are small boats, "Flying Juniors" about 13 feet I think. It would seem to be that extra weight would surely make the boat go slower. Is that not correct?

I appreciate your help,


Jeff_H 10-04-2001 05:01 PM

Is sailing for me?
I thought that I posted this but it did not show up. I raced on Flying Juniors when I was in college 28 or so years ago. My crew and I combined typically weighed about 250 lbs and so we were quite fast in light to mododerate breeses. One of our main competitors had a crew weight somewhere aound 350 lbs and tehy were quite fast in a breeze.

My best suggestion is to find a really light weight crew (or skipper). My other suggestion is just get out there and trying. Racing is about sailing first and winning second. Even a DFL is better than sitting on the sidelines watching.


CRios 10-04-2001 07:56 PM

Is sailing for me?
Thanks for the reply. How many people make up a crew in one of those boats? I''m guessing two...?

Thanks again,


CRios 10-04-2001 07:58 PM

Is sailing for me?
also, what percent of the time, in general, would wind be considered ''heavy'' (no pun intended)


dimwit 10-21-2001 11:56 AM

Is sailing for me?
Most college sailing boats are built for a two-man crew, with boats typically in the 14-19ft. range. I would certainly go out and try it, but the ability to move quickly (agility) is going to be more important that total weight as an overall consideration.
If your size will limit your agility, I''d recommend cruising-oriented sailing instead of competitive racing. All the joys of sailing, none of the pressure of racing.
A confirmed cruiser.

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