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dwedeking 02-07-2007 04:20 PM

San Diego Schools
Does anyone here have experience with Harbor Sail Boats in San Diego?

I'm looking to learn how to sale and in doing research in the San Diego area (I live in Carlsbad just north of SD) this is the company that I seemed to connect with the most. What I'm looking to do is spend the next year or so taking the courses from them for the ASA certification and chartering boats from them to get a feel for what type of boat I'm looking for, what size I feel comfortable on, and to find out if it's something the wife would like to do with me as a group activity.

Also over the next year to 18 months I'm thinking that if I go out twice a month I should build up enough experience and knowledge to be able to do weekend jaunts up the coast and out to the channel islands (Catalina) from San Diego. Would like some feed back on whether people from the area think this is a reasonable expectation or too much too soon? I'm really quick on picking up on activities that grab my interest so tend to move faster than others but at the same time I've spent a lot of time near the ocean and respect the power that it has and how quickly things can go bad if you try to push too hard.

Thank you in advance.

Boasun 02-09-2007 11:48 PM

I worked for Harbor Sailboats way back when... The first job I held after I retired from the Navy. They at that time was well managed and the instructors were good. However I have been away for about 27 years now and have no data on the instructors they have now.
Am working ashore now and teaching again, those who want 100/200 ton mate/master licenses are my students.
Have fun

Firebc 02-18-2007 10:23 PM


We joined up to HSB last spring, my wife and me went through their initial basic keep boat class. The instructor was OK, I got through the class but wife had a tough time. The instructor was not very patient with her and once the "fun" of learning to sail was gone, so was she. As far as the club, they have a nice staff and very nice boats, once you figure out their system of reserving boats it seems to work well. Also, sailing in San Diego Bay is awesome!

I would be glad to answer specific questions if you have any.


awayocean 02-19-2007 04:24 PM

Hi ,
The two companies / Harbor sail boats and Harbor island yacht club / are very similar. Most of their instructors work for both companies / including myself / Harbor sail boats has mostly Beneteau boats, Harbor island yacht clubs have Catalina, this is the difference. You want to go to Channel islands- consider harbor island yacht clubs, they have second location in Long Beach- a lot closer to Catalina and Channel Islands.
Good luck

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