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travler37 05-04-2007 02:35 PM

Lake Chautauqua.
Newbie here.
Has anyone attended to or heard anything about this sailing school?
Ready About Sailing & Marina

Thank you for your time.

travler37 06-07-2007 09:38 PM

So i asked and had no replies.Good or Bad.
Pony up the money and take the course.

First thing i was impressed with is FLEXIBLE course times.Meaning they are busy but still willing to work with me.And from looking at there operation this is a incredibly busy time of the year for them.

Greg is the person the rest let think he is the boss.He is old time navy and knows his stuff.And makes the book part of the course a dream to do.This could of gotten real stuffy and long.But is was not.
Jim is the chef tool bag carrier and also our on the water instructor.He is brave giving his brand new Cal22 to students.And showed it a bit until he found out who he had to help more.And who he thought had a clue to what was going on.

I train students to drive a truck and my hat goes off to him.

The class had 3 of us.One with no experience at all.One with a little.And surprising to me. I seamed to have the most.Class schedule was morning in classroom.Afternoon on water.

Now as a teacher that does a 1 on 1 situation. Watching Jim do a 3 on one was incredible.Especially since the person with middle of the road person was related to the "BOSS".And the radical difference in experience.
He quickly saw this and adjusted to each of us.Teaching to each of our skill levels bit still including all so none of us were over our head as far as what he was explaining.

This might sound like a small thing to most but watching Jim the second morning ,before class was started.He had a small boat to set the mast and rig.Was on the hard.He put a ladder next to boat.Claimed ladder.Put a TOWEL DOWN on the deck.And wiped his feet on the TOWEL before he proceeded to set mast.I was already impressed from the first day and from both Greg and Jim's general attitude.This just cemented it for me.

So this is my review for them.Do it.Is well worth the money.

Suddenly realizes it is 21:30 and i still have some studying to do for the dreaded WRITTEN TEST tomorrow.Back to that boring Federal rules book.Pouts.would rather be in the wind.......
Mark Raun
PS.Signed this with my name.It is my word.If you have any questions e-me. my classmates.Thank You.I enjoyed it.

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