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RookieHunter 11-28-2002 07:16 PM

knots versus mph
How do they convert? I haven''t seen this in any of my reading.

DuaneIsing 11-29-2002 02:56 AM

knots versus mph

A statute mile is 5,280 feet and a nautical mile is 6,076 feet. Since mph refers to statute miles and knots refers to nautical miles, just take the ratio of 1.15 (close enough but not quite exact). So if a boat is traveling at 10 knots, it is going 11.5 mph, or 15% more in that unit of measurement.

BTW, I couldn''t recall the exact number of feet for the nautical mile, so I did a quick web search with the words "nautical" "statute" and "knot" and up popped many useful sites.


928frenzy 11-29-2002 05:30 AM

knots versus mph
A nautical mile is 1/60th of the length of a degree (or one second) of a great circle of the earth.

The nautical mile is often miscalled "Knot". A knot is a not a measure of distance, but a measure of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour. The admiralty knot is equal to 6080 feet per hour. Therefore a knot is 6080/5280 = 1.1515151... to a statute mile.

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

928frenzy 11-29-2002 08:10 AM

knots versus mph
That last sentence should have read, "a knot is 1.515151... statute miles per hour.

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

tsenator 11-29-2002 08:15 AM

knots versus mph
A knot isn''t 1.5 miles per hour, Its close to 1.1 MPH.

gershel 11-29-2002 12:51 PM

knots versus mph
A knot is a measurement of speed.One knot is one nautical mile per hour. A nautical mile equals 1.15 statute mile.

928frenzy 11-30-2002 04:01 AM

knots versus mph
I typed faster than I thought. There should have been a ''1'' after the decimal point and in front of the ''5''. Thanks for the correction.

An admiralty nautical mile is 1.15151... statute miles. A knot is 1.15151... miles per hour.

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

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