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RookieHunter 12-16-2002 06:19 PM

The perfect Sailing Song
Ok, I''m preparing for my maiden voyage as a captain of my own boat. I''ve finished installing a CD player and after anchoring I''d like some nice tunes. Other than the oldie Goldie "Sailing" by Christopher Cross, what songs capture the perfect afternoon sailing. Just curious what the opinions are. My second choice would probably be Jimmy Buffett.

DuaneIsing 12-17-2002 01:35 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Possible candidates:

"Cool Change" by the Little River Band; "Southern Cross" by Crosby, Stills, and Nash; "Banana Republic" by Jimmy Buffett

Glad to see you''re almost there...


FTHOMSON 12-17-2002 02:23 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
How about "Orinoco Flow by Enya"?


pirateofcapeann 12-17-2002 03:23 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Problem I have is that, no matter what time it is, I start listening to Buffett, Windwood & Taylor and it''s "Sails up! We''re outta here"!

SailorMitch 12-17-2002 04:21 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Some Buffett "sailing" favorites:
Lovely Cruise
Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude
Boat Drinks
Pirate Looks at 40
Trying to Reason with a Hurricane Season


"Sail Away" by David Gray
"If I Had a Boat" by Lyle Lovett
"Christian Island" by Gordon Lightfoot

Denr 12-17-2002 05:05 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Forget all of that syrupy stuff about sailing, just get several Sting CDs and you''re good to go!

kokopelli9 12-17-2002 07:04 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
That syrupy stuff can be fun...when spread evenly over the body.

SailorMitch 12-17-2002 07:12 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Hey Denr........seems that the syrup is now in your to speak. (Envisioning Denr reaching for a Yanni CD now, or maybe Douglas Spotted Eagle and his Indian flute?????)

Is it spring yet?

Denr 12-17-2002 07:30 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Syrup is for pancakes and waffles, not sailing. Are you implying that Sting is in the same catagory as Yani?? Those are fighting words!

SailorMitch 12-17-2002 07:45 AM

The perfect Sailing Song
Nope, Denr.........never meant to compare Sting to "Yawni." So you can calm down, play something quiet, and have your syrup applied the way you want it, where you want it. (And don''t forget the Sailkote chaser.)

How many more months of this kind of exchange do we have until spring launch???????? I''d rather talk about wheel vs. tiller, or hank on vs. roller furling.

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