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Old 12-28-2002
Junior Member
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gail57 is on a distinguished road
that bad ol'''' downwind again

we have a catalina 27, when we practice our jibing, we are sailing fine close hauledand then prepare to jibe. as we are sailing thru our "u" turn we pull in the main sheet to center the boom and as we near the end of the 180dg turn, the wind catches our genoa and "spins" us off course. the rudder is uselees to regain control. we then let out the main and go with whatever tack we end up with-frustrating!!
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Old 12-28-2002
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Sailormon6 will become famous soon enough
that bad ol'''' downwind again

If I understand you correctly, you began from a closehauled course. Then you steered off the wind for 180 degrees. When the stern of the boat crossed the wind and the boat jibed, the wind caught the genoa with such power that you couldn''t control the direction of the boat with the rudder.

My first guess is that you were carrying too much sail area for the amount of wind. Although you say you were "sailing fine closehauled," I suspect you were also overpowered when closehauled. When you were closehauled, was your boat heeling enough that water was coming over the lee rail?

In that same amount of wind, try reducing the size of your jib and perhaps tucking a single reef in your mainsail. If you are carrying the correct amount of sail area for the wind, you shouldn''t lose control while jibing.
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Old 12-28-2002
pirateofcapeann's Avatar
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Location: Gloucester, Mass. USA
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pirateofcapeann is on a distinguished road
that bad ol'''' downwind again

Sounds like you’re not letting the main out. What’s happening here is that you’re fighting to get her off the wind against the forces of the main. You loose power and speed. When the main slams over through the jibe, all of those forces switch and she takes off, unchecked to round up on the other tack.

Let the mainsheet go! All the way! Square her off, dead down wind or almost so. She’ll keep on good speed and the apparent wind should ease enough that you’ll be able to hand the entire mainsheet over in the jibe. Make sure it won’t foul on anything, especially yourself as it snaps over and you let it go as the boat turns. Again, the apparent wind should be light enough, even in moderate conditions that there should be no undue strains on any fittings. You’re off, down wind on the other tack!

This is how I jibe my 28-foot Solitaire with her 18-feet of boom! You shouldn’t have any trouble handing over yours

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Old 12-29-2002
Junior Member
Join Date: Oct 2002
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gail57 is on a distinguished road
that bad ol'''' downwind again

thanks to all, no we were''nt heeling much (about 12dg.) we had the main trimmed to where the boom was just over the rail. the wind was aprx. 10-15mph. on a previous sail we had jibed and had brought the main back to center and secured it (i thought) i had"t checked the starboard clam-cleat holding the traveler and when we jibed, the boom came around with one hell of a jolt. since then i"m over cautios and don''t let the boom swing with the turn. i wait untill i''m well into the jibe and then if neccessary, i take my hand and push it to the side. i am afraid of letting the boom slam or even bang a slam alittle against it"s restraints. i think the day i lost control, i was getting a bit "hot under the collar" and as i beared away, i brought the boom in to center, secured it and "horsed" the boat around hard with the 110% genoa full. i think i may have over steared letting the genoa fill with no main the balance it. the are two kinds of boat control, one of boat, one of self our good mother is a teacher as well a disciplinarian. now if i just new how to work with her.
thanks, davengail57
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Old 12-29-2002
Senior Member
Join Date: Jun 2001
Location: Wilson, NY
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Irwin32 is on a distinguished road
that bad ol'''' downwind again

Try practicing your jibe with only the main up. Get comfortable with handling the mainsail and then add a little jib.

Don''t start close hauled. Sail with the wind off your stern quarter for a short distance and then make a slow jibe to the opposite quarter.

Wait for a day with 10 or less knots of wind and smooth seas. If you mess up in those conditions it will be difficult to do any serious damage. If you are in light air it will be a lot easier to keep calm.

Another thought - find someone with experience to go out with you and run through the jibe. I bet you would not have much trouble finding someone at your marina willing to help.

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Old 01-06-2003
Junior Member
Join Date: Aug 2001
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taborekle is on a distinguished road
that bad ol'''' downwind again

Hi Gail57,

Gail, you say that you were closehauled, but that you were doing a jibe. If you were closehauled, then your sailing ''into'' the wind, and the manuver would be a ''tack'', not a jibe. If on the other hand, you wern''t closehauled, but were on a ''run'', then you would be doing a jibe.

To tack is to move the bow through the direction of wind. To jibe, is to move the stern through the direction of wind.

I''m not trying to be picky here, your use of these terms is going to effect the sort of response that you get, as the boat and sails are handled slightly differently between tacks and jibes.

Larry Taborek
C27 Dixie Chicken
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