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sailguy40 02-11-2010 09:52 PM

Almost lost my boat today
Yep thats right, the one I just bought 5 days ago, the nice little CAL 25 I been talking about in these forums and posted pics of. Get this, I am at work today and get a call from the guy who sold me the boat, he tells me the police department just called him. He tolded me the police said the boat came unmoored and was up against the causeway bridge, about 6 miles out in the lake and at least 8 or 9 miles from where it was moored. At this point I thought no way! I know thats not my boat, I was just there on Tuesday, all day and evening cleaning and straightening it up. I made double sure she was tied up well, I mean I made DOUBLE sure! The tow boat operator said that all of my ropes were on the boat so it looked as if someone took the dock ropes off the pier and it was done purposely. So, as I thought, someone had deliberately took my dock ropes off the pier and thrown it on the boat. The tow boat operator also told me I was lucky, the boat was all intact and everything appeared to be ok the bridge never did it anything and even my tolling motor was still on back.

The police called me this evening to file a report. The officer on the phone told me they have had problems in the past with boats moored there. Hoodlums would walk up and down the side of the pier, so he thinks they may have done it. I was thinking it was possible the guy I bought it from may have had an ex-wife or girlfriend mad at him and never knew he sold it and wanted to get back at him by un-mooring his boat.I don't know about this though, its just a thought.

Is this something that happens? Why would someone do this? Do I need to put chains on my boat, has it gotten this bad? People this happened in Mandeville, LA! I would have never thought! Its not like my boat was abandoned for days upon end, I was only gone from it a total of 2 days since I bought it. Its only there temporary just until I get my slip, I need to get the registration transferred in my name before I get insurance and finally the slip.

sailingdog 02-11-2010 10:09 PM

Just curious, why haven't you registered and insured the boat yet?

Generally, having insurance lined up when you buy a boat is a really good idea. If the boat had been damaged or sunk, you'd be paying for the cleanup costs and recovery costs.

sailguy40 02-11-2010 10:29 PM

I been trying to get it registered and insured since monday. I even took a day off work tuesday to get it done. Problem I have been having, the guy who sold me the boat I was not able to get in touch with him. Even though I called him several times and left messages telling him the wildlife & fisheries needs the bill of sale notarized so they can change the name on the registration. He has not returned my calls. At one point I was questioning if this guy was up to something such as insurance fraud or something else illegal. I mean why would he just not return my calls unless he is guilty of something? Boat is sound so nothing in that area as to why he would not call. I had not problem getting in touch with him before I had bought the boat, as soon as I bought it, I could not get him on the phone for nothing. That was until he called me today and said it was against the causeway bridge.

So I can't get it into a slip because the marinas want insurance, and I think I need to have the registration to get insurance? In order to get the registration in my name, the bill of sale needs to be notarized. Both parties need to be present for it to be notarized. The seller is not cooperating to complete the sale, he wont even return my phone calls. So now I need to get a notary to sign it just stating it is an original bill of sale. I had to pay $200 to get it towed back to the harbor.

Coreyboy18 02-11-2010 10:48 PM

Ok, I had the same problem. You do not need to have the boat registered to get insurance. You can take out the policy without registration. I have yet to get it registered (I know, I know) because Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries is not easy to work with. I don't have the original bill of sale either, only a copy in my email that I made.

CalebD 02-12-2010 12:06 AM

William Faulkner would love this one. There is a bit of Southern Gothic here somewhere in this tale.
Perhaps it is time to try a different marina if all that you suspect is true.
I don't think that anyone uses chains and padlocks for their dock lines for good reasons. They may need to be adjusted quickly.
It sounds like Corey (in the above post) figured out how to get insurance without the title/registration
I wish you the best in sorting this out but perhaps it would be good to cut and run to a different marina.
Who dat?

sailguy40 02-12-2010 12:42 AM

If I catch whomever done that to my boat, I swear I will hang them with the very dock ropes they removed from the pier, tell you that much. As I am quickly realizing, it seems these boats can take a place in your heart pretty fast huh? There is something about a boat, I don't know what it is but you get attached to it nearly like a pet or something :laugher So its like messing with my boat is almost like messing with my dog. Do it and I am coming after you and when I attack, game over. I am sure anyone else on here would feel that way if someone literally released your boat from mooring. If I had one of those nice Beneteau yachts and someone did this to it, I won't even begin to write on here what I would do to them. If I did it would make world news as being so horrific and brutal to even write in a sentance :eek:

Oh man, I can see it now. Don't mess with a sailor's boat :laugher I guess messing with a sailor's boat is like messing with a truck driver's truck. You can do it but if you get caught, you are in a world of $hit so just better hope someone is around to save you. Its like a sailor's boat is his pride and joy so its like "do it, I dare you" ;) So I assume you all feel the same about your boats or am I out of line a bit? One thing, I know not one person on here can say they would not be upset if someone did this to their boat.

sailingdog 02-12-2010 06:33 AM

Unfortunately, there are a lot of nasty people out there... and a boat at a public pier is going to be more vulnerable to their nastiness than one at a private marina, since the private marina has some liability if anyone does damage to a boat there. Good luck with registering the boat. Get it insured quickly so you can put it in a safer marina.

svHyLyte 02-12-2010 06:51 AM

I suggest you make yourself a cable lock long enough to secure the boat to the dock. Later you can use that to lock up your dinghy. 1/4" vinyl covered cable can be had at West Marine very inexpensively and they can make end loops for you right in the store with Nico Press fittings. With a combination lock shoreside you're good to go.


(And yes--blocked cockpit drains can, and have, lead to a sinking. Given your location I suspect you do have critters in your drain lines. Dump half a jug of Muriatic acid from your local pool store in each line and let it sit over night and then run a snake through. They won't be perfect but will be much improved. I suggest you joint BoatUS with the unlimited towing option. They can also provide your insurance reasonably inexpensively.)

Yado 02-12-2010 07:40 AM

I kept my 22' sailboat in a slip near a boat ramp at a private marina off of the West River, Chesapeake. I hadn't visited it for weeks and when I did, I found that someone had stolen all of my lines except for one and the boat was banging around in the slip. Someone took my good lines and left me with a piece of string; theirs, not mine. I left that dog-patch marina that year. The yard said they had no liability as stated in my contract.

LandLocked66c 02-12-2010 08:04 AM

Don't y'all have alligators down there? Chain one to your boat, problem solved...

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