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chasb47 08-07-2010 09:29 AM

Buccaneer 18 centerboard ?
Hi all,

I searched the forums, but didn't find a thread for this problem.

I put my Buc 18 in the water yesterday for the first time. I thought the center board would just plop down. It doesn't. It floats right back up. Is it supposed to be tied down? I guess I could rig something to keep it down.

It appears to be made of Fiberglass. It might be plywood coated with epoxy. It's a 1975 mode.

Thanks for any advice.

GEO42 08-07-2010 09:45 AM

center baord
Go to trailer lots of small boat forums and advise

bobmcgov 08-07-2010 11:57 AM

Hmm. It's normally a heavy enough board to stay down -- about 15 lbs out of the boat. It's gelcoat & FRP over (IIRC) a putty core. I'd wager you have either (1) an aftermarket board with plywood or foam core; (2) air in the tip of the board; (3) or just a really loose pivot.

Water often gets into these boards via the pivot hole, drains to the bottom, and splits it. The core can fall out, leaving an air void. Poke your head underneath & see if your board has any visible damage. You might also see the board resting on a trailer crossmember, a common issue with Buccs and one that can notch the leading edge & result in core crumble.

It's very easy to remove the CB cap. If you haven't done it yet, you should.:) Drill out the rivets and remove a screw or three, and you can inspect the trunk plywood for rot (big problem on Buccs), beef up the mainsheet padeye, and see if some nice person has installed top-hangers for your CB. These are much better than the original bottom-access pivot pin. At any rate, try to see how much circular play your CB has, and whether a too-loose pivot might be causing your CB to float up.

This is important for other reasons. Slop in the pivot makes the foil twist off upwind, causing it to stall and killing performance. I rebuilt our CB, took out all slop, and the boat is much better to sail. Also your CB could fall out, which sucks.:o

BTW, as long as you have that cap off, it's nice to epoxy some angle aluminum along the trunk top to reinforce the plywood and isolate its edges from water. That trunk was built by concussed monkeys.:(

Finally, you could just bungee the sucker down. Even snugged up on our boat, it tends to lift on reaches above 10 kts. Of course it should be up halfway or more by then, anyhow.

You'd get lots of advice at the Bucc18 Yahoo! group. Nice pipples over there.

chasb47 08-07-2010 12:14 PM

Wow. Thanks for the response.

My back has been acting up, so I will have some time to research the website.

I was debating with myself to remove the cb trunk cap. Was really hoping to wait until sailing season is over. The cb does rest on the trailer. I intend to completely dismantle the whole affair this winter. I'm going to get it off the trailer and onto it's side to get at the bottom. I want to see how that pin works. Then I'll be albel to give advice.

Just want to get some time in the water before winter. Not interested in going fast right now. I'm just learning. I will just rig up something with a bungee for the time being.


BigZ 08-09-2010 10:04 PM

It's been many years but, yes my Buc board used to have to be secured in the down position or is would float up. A short line ran from the upper corner to a cleat or jammer on the trunk. Release the line and the board would pivot up. I have no idea if it was a custom or stock board. That was before this web stuff when getting info was a bit harder.
For trailering I recall looping a bungee or rubber cord over the raised board and forward thru the ports and beneath the mast step. This kept the end of the board above the hull bottom so it wouldn't catch on the trailer.

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