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Mitch817 09-07-2010 12:17 PM

Sailing in the DFW area
Afternoon all!

I've been lurking here for a while and thought I'd go ahead and post and see if anyone could help.

I finally got off my duff and took a sailing class at one of our local lakes and am in a sailing club where I have access to several Catalina 22's. It's been a lot of fun sailing this summer. I've been going out one to several times a week all summer with both another club member who's been a good mentor and have even recently started single handing with friends on board as well. So I guess I've been progressing. Why I ever waited until my mid 40's to start this I will never know. It's a whole lot of fun! :D

My question would be if anyone here has any experience with Sail Dallas out of Lewisville Texas? I'm looking at going to them to do the ASA certifications, starting with Basic Keelboat and working my way up over the next couple of years. My eventual goal is to be able to charter on vacation in a couple of years in the keys or the bahamas so I would like the certs as well as a lot of practical experience on boats. I'm sure it will be a big step up when I move from the Cat 22's to something 30 foot or larger. I'm also looking for someplace locally that has something larger than the cat22's to rent. Looks like Sail Dallas has one, but have no idea of their price yet.

Every day I go out there seems to be something more/new to learn, even on our little inland lakes. I'm pretty happy with the deal I've got right now on the cat 22's. It's about the cheapest way I could have gotten onto a boat to learn and I'm having a lot of fun. Like most nowadays, I'm learning on a shoestring budget, so I'm trying to maximize my return for training dollar.

Anyway, that's enough of a book for now. Thanks for reading!

Allanbc 09-07-2010 02:24 PM

I have no experience with Sail Dallas. But, you might consider taking sailing classes somewhere on the ocean. It will give you some different experience and you can combine a little vacation with it. It may be as close as going down Kemah near Houston, Florida, or even the Caribbean. You will both have fun AND expand your sailing horizons. Just a thought.

Mitch817 09-07-2010 02:54 PM

I've thought about that some. I liked that the local place does their bareboat class down on the coast and they spend 5 days going someplace on the ocean(where depends on the year). I hadn't really thought about planning a short vacation and doing the earlier ASA classes that way.

The dream someday is to finally move off to one of the coasts and own my own boat. The club deal I'm in now is kind of nice in that once a month we have work party and I get to help on the maintenance/repair/troubleshooting on the boats in a managed/overseen situation. Lots of learning opportunities so far.

Thanks for the suggestion/thoughts!


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