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messageboard 08-29-2000 12:04 PM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
Welcome to the SailNet Learning to Sail Message Board, a great place to meet beginners if you are new to sailing. Here you can query other sailors by starting a new topic or responding to a current discussion, or search the contents of the Message Boards for items of interest. If you have any questions or suggestions contact us at


nspj96 09-03-2000 06:57 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
a novice to sailing, I heard that walker bay boats/dinghy are a good place to start. An y views or advice you can offer are greatly appreciated

brucemcald 09-03-2000 07:34 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
Dinghies are great for learning to sail because they put you close to the water and the boat is very responsive to wind and current, helping you learn quickly how to handle sail and rudder. I bought a used dinghy with sail, oars, outboard, anchor, and life jackets for $500, a lot of extras that will cost extra with most new boats. If money is not a big concern, and you''ve got young kids, there are a number of new plastic rotomold boats out there for beginners, such as the Zuma. The kids can keep sailing it after you''ve bought your big boat! Keep in mind that you''ll need to get something you can cartop or stick in the back of a wagon or pickup. Trailers are very expensive, and few marinas will give up the space to a dinghy. The Sunfish and the Zuma can be cartopped, but most dinghies will need a large van or pickup. On the other hand, a good dinghy towed behind your big boat can extend its useful life by helping you get to shore from an anchorage or mooring.


Pelican 09-21-2000 05:27 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
We are new to sailing but not to the water. We recently purchased an older sailboat, which we are refitting. Our boat has a full keel, and a removable centerboard which was laying in the V-berth. Do we really need to have the centerboard permanently installed? Is it really necessary if we are not going to be racing? What is its real purpose? Is it just for performance? Thank you

brucemcald 09-21-2000 06:44 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
It''s hard to say without knowing more about your boat. Talking to the former owner(s) would be best, but it may also be something you can solve by using SailNet''s e-mail lists and archives, which address a very large number of different boats.

If you have a full keel, I can''t imagine why a centerboard would be necessary, unless it is a shallow keel and the centerboard can be lowered in deeper water to provide additional stability and tracking to windward, helping to prevent sliding to leeward.

There is a model of the Catalina, for example, which has a swing keel--a centerboard which can be pulled up to nest inside a shallow keel to make trailering easier.
Good luck,

Pelican 09-22-2000 06:37 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
Thank you for the info Bruce...


brucemcald 09-22-2000 12:08 PM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
Happy sails to you, too! The fall season is upon us and it is already delivering many wonderful hours of sailing in cool, breezy weather.

Good luck on your centerboard mystery.

By the way, I stayed in close touch with the former owner of my catboat--which I bought in July of last year--as I discovered new mysteries, and he was always willing to help unravel the answer. Since then, I''ve been in touch with other catboat owners to help solve riddles as they come up. Its a great community. Welcome to the club.


terrim 10-03-2000 02:51 PM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
We''re new to sailing this summer and tryed to sail in some pretty heavy winds (well to me anyway) this past weekend. We experienced one of those "unexpected jibes". Pretty scary!! My question, how easy does a boat capsize? We sail a 24 ft Neptune with a 5 foot fixed keel. Also any advice on how to hoist and trim the sails in heavier winds would be greatly appreciated!

elpretender 10-05-2000 11:01 AM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
I have been restoring my 24'' Islander for about a year, although the sails are in fine shape how do i find out about what rigging, lines, etc. I need since they are missing. Any help would be appreciated.

captainjeff 10-07-2000 12:35 PM

Welcome to Learning to Sail
I recently bought a 24''Clipper Marine and had a great time this summer. I was wondering if there is anyone in the puget sound area that also has one, I thought we could compare notes!!

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