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Night_Sailor 05-29-2012 02:21 AM

Sailing Associations - Ex Hylas

Originally Posted by jackdale (Post 866251)
ISPA Yachtmaster Offshore Instructor Evaluator
CYA Advanced Cruising Instructor
IYT Yachtmaster Coastal Instructor

Ok Jack,

I can guess CYA is Candian Yachting Association.

I have been working in the industry for more than 40 years and never heard of this one. ISPA

Here is what I found online.

International Sleep Products Association
International Society of Parametric Analysts
International School Psychology Association.
International Society of Professional Aromatherapists

ITY is a new one for me also.

One of the issues I have is these types of sailing groups try to regulate the industry. What they are mostly about is making money. That is why I dropped my ASA and US Sailing membership. I see no point in paying into an organization that does not support me. I will say I favor the RYA because they actually improve things and do not sit static. The English have done the best job in my opinion, and while other groups stole their ideas, or were given them, these other organizations that I've seen have failed in continuous improvement of their training, with a few exceptions, but have gotten good at bashing each other.

It is unfortunate that all of these organizations become bureaucratic and close minded. US Sailing for example has done more to harm to sailing in the US than any other group--simply by not listening to the members. Membership is way down over the last 30 years and the sport has declined during that period. After making themselves "The National Governing Body" in the US after bribing a few congressmen for that title, they can assume the full blame for this decline. The really have no right to the title--it is ink and meaningless.

The organization should serve the members not the other way around. For the last 15 years I've been telling my students to not bother joining and urging them to sail and have fun without paying dues for services they don't need or want. There is no point to it as this group really only serves to promote, in the case of training, a few certain sailing schools who use it for advertizing propaganda, and to give themselves awards. Thankfully yacht clubs do not sink themselves with the unimportant nonsense.

In any event please clue me in. What is this ISPA group and how big is it? In membership, training instructors, and associated schools. What are the requirements to be an instructor, the costs and benefits? Is it just bragging rights? Do you have to pay dues? Do you get the title just by owning a school? It it bogus or of some real benefit to members or just to instructors?

I think there are too many organizations at present, but that is better than one big bad one. And here in the US we need to a system where we chose representatives, not a system that controls who is a representative to perpetuate the status quo...

Minnewaska 05-29-2012 05:38 AM

Re: hylas
These came up on the first search.

The International Sail and Power Academy ISPA - Sailing & Power Boat Instructions, Books, Certifications & Operator Cards

International Yacht Training Fort Lauderdale, STCW95, Megayacht Crew Training, GMDSS

While I personally find membership in US Sailing to have little benefit, having a recognized training program does have benefits. Get a logbook with their first few courses passed and chartering a boat becomes fairly easy, even for those new to sailing. Just bringing a note from your local teacher may not carry the same influence.

So, how did you become so torqued over these agencies? Someone take your lunch money?

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