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dirtchickn 08-25-2004 06:59 PM

Anchoring Rights
I happened across an article today

that bothered me. It basically reads that boaters ought not to be allowed to anchor anywhere they want, free of charge. I know that there are many cities and states making it hard for liveaboards to stay in one place for long, if at all. Not being a liveaboard, I know nothing of the actual state of affairs, but reading this article has rubbed me the wrong way. Doing some quick research, it seems that the state (or city) has no jurisdiction over the waters of the U.S. which seems to be below the average high water mark of a "navigable waterway".

Title 33 goes into detail regarding the subject, but I am looking for anyone that has more information on how these states are getting away with overstepping federal regulation and imposing their own ad hoc systems. I hope one day to be a cruiser/liveaboard in our great country, but at the rate some locales are going, I''ll need 2 full time jobs to afford to anchor anywhere as a tourist to spend my money.

sailnaway 11-28-2004 07:27 PM

Anchoring Rights
This message has gone without much response.
I feel that we the people boaters and live aboard left overs of another life need to ban togather.We are being systematicly hunted down and eleminated. The world we live in does not want you to live aboard or to have this much freedom sailing the seas we are expected to be where they (____________) fill in the blank,can drive to your door scoop you up and haul your butt off to the pound like a dog off his leash.Even here on the message boards allot of the people hate us we are not the condo dwellers with an attached dock who also belong to the yacht club crowd. We are like bikers and some of us are bikers,live aboard''s. I gave my life of my own choice to my country (USA)to use to defend it to the death if need be. Freedom to move about this country and to live as you please were some of the things I was willing to die for like my father and his father on down the line. We the people must draw the line on all this parinoid homeland security crap.
If we become complacent about this soon they will tell us what day you can sail on and where you may go. I for one will never allow this to happen on my watch.I was told by a Florida Fish and Game Nazi this summer that because my boat was documented it was not legal in Florida and that Uncle Sam issued regestration numbers for every boat the VIN I guess he meant so that the government he refered to as BIG BROTHER his exact words need to know where you are and why you are going to that place and if you are in another state you need to report in to the local Nazi post. The water Nazi then issued us a warning that we were to find a dock and go and regester our vessel by mail, back in Louisiana or in Florida so that we had numbers and a valid 2004 sticker and that we should not navigate the waters of the State of Florida with out it. I could see that it was not to my best intrest to argue with this idiot who was hired to cary out the law to the letter his letter anyway.We sailed away mad as hell that the quiet little port of Venius Florida had such a Nazi runing the water way on a saturday morning at six oclock. He also ordered me to drop my anchor back down after. I had just hauled it by hand, a hundres feet of 5/8" line and 50''of chain and the plow not bad for a recovering open heart patient but twice in one hour is a bit much.I get very fired up about this and any thing that takes away any freedom from ........WE THE PEOPLE.........

starcresttoo 11-29-2004 12:07 AM

Anchoring Rights
I say -uck them all.who the -uck cares and what the -uck buisness is it of theirs where I -uckin sleep.I get a way with it because I work midnites,and if I go to my boat in the day time wow man big -uckin deal.Im gone most of the time anyway.This is a free country.If I have to I will buy a small camper type vehical and sleep in a wall mart parking lot.Its like I said...they want to see your boat they want to see your money but they dont want to see you.I have found here in southflorida that there are places available to keep a boat wether you live aboard or this place Iam leaving today is hesitant about giving my deposit back.they want me to return after my haulout because they knowits hard to rent slips at that expensive rate.they know I stay on my boat and they dont care.I found a place for less than half of what I am paying now but they are adamant here comes working midnites,and lets see what happens.I will keep you all posted.the fact is anywhere you go there will be people living onboats wether they are allowed to or not.I was harrassed to no end when I lived in califungus.they
have a file cabinet with my name on it even though the statuate of limitation is twice over.I mean I am a study of case history back there.I was living 5 years completely hassle free in a marina that was destroyed by this years boat remained afloat...but where am I supposed to go?....back to the woumb????as soon as it is rebuilt I am
going back there to live with hassle free

lv4sailing 11-30-2004 01:42 AM

Anchoring Rights
they say you are free when you are a U.S citizen but you are not if fact I think we have more rules and regulations now then ever be for they use to say fear a government that fears its people every day they make new laws to make it easer to arrest people and take away their rights we have become a country of institutions yes I am a U.S citizen but can not wait to set sail to get as far away as possible but where to go the U.S has its influence every where

928frenzy 11-30-2004 02:36 PM

Anchoring Rights
I very seriously doubt you really want to go or live somewhere that has NO RULES. Moreover, the US Constitution does not say we are free to do as we please. If you think "Freedom" means "no rules" your are mistaken, and will always be disapointed no matter where you go.

Your only chance at total freedom is to find a deserted island, and make it your and yours alone. Good luck with that.

~ Happy sails to you ~ _/) ~

starcresttoo 11-30-2004 06:14 PM

Anchoring Rights
If anyone aks me where I live the answer is simple .I dont live anywhere.I have a p.o. box where I get my mail, thats the adress I gave the boat yard,they know what its all about,and they didnt hark on me for my residence adress.They insisted that I come by often to check on my boat.Sure,Ill check on my boat day and nite.otherwise I became displaced by the storms and the money I got from FEMA ran, I dont live on my boat.Its not allowed.

sailnaway 12-03-2004 06:03 AM

Anchoring Rights
I was glad to see that other people rather than myself are not to happy with all this let us see what you have in your Trunk,your wallet your pocket your computer what do you have in your mind the thought police want to control what you think about.The Caribean use to be the great excape now the lawyers and cops have so many rules you must live by most of them to collect a dollar it really sucks. Well that is a overstatement its still a beautiful place but not owned by the islanders any more.I love to rant and rave I am good at stiring S--T being a die hard NRA member and a member of ABATE Colorado and Riders For Justice all hated by the government for not laying down and saying please put your boot on my neck I am a freedom fighter.Some people like the fact that you go to the city and cameras follow you around, I lived in Washington DC and I always felt like I needed to wash the back of my neck if you get my drift. Many years ago I was in the Marines and it seemed that we were fighting for freedom not for giving up individual rights so the government could run things for us.Benard Kericks face just came on TV and I feel he may be the bigest Nazi to have ever steped onto the scene a super cop just what we need I am sick of this protect us from ourselfs crap. What about my kids what is life going to be like for them hell I a''m half used up but they are all in thier twenties and have kids geez I hate to think about it it is depressing. Merry Frigin Christmas

Giulietta 12-13-2006 05:53 PM

Time For Robocam!!!!!!!!!!!

Surfesq 12-13-2006 06:18 PM

I thought Camaraderie was supposed to be the new Freedom of Speech Cop...Why didn't he delete the Porno Ad??

As for anchoring forever anywhere you like? What are you high?

Stop and think for a second. Let's just say you actually worked for a living or maybe even hit the lottery. So now you own the big house on the hill overlooking the perfect bay. Yes, you love to look at the beautiful boats anchored for the weekend. But then some "No-Eat" floating homeless guy anchors his 22 foot outboard engined wreck and starts hanging his laundry all over the outside of the boat. Then you start hearing loud music piping out while he is partying with his other "liveaboard buddies." You try to do something about it but you realize he has a "PO" box and no other fixed address. Two years later after tolerating noise, dumping of raw sewage into the creek, the eyesore that is his boat, trash floating onto your call your Congressman or State Representative.

That is the reality here folks. We are not talking about people sailing through who anchor for a week or even a month.

What would you do if you had the property overlooking the wreck?

TrueBlue 12-13-2006 07:22 PM

There's the Surf who's entertained us with his wit and unclouded vision. [incoming . . . ]

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