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starcresttoo 11-27-2004 08:04 PM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
I would like to know just where else can someone go and live on board at a reasonable rate with out the red tape ********.I know these places do exist,I was at one for 5 years,but I am in a situation now where I can basically go anyplace I want.I can find work anywhere in my line of work,and I dont care if its on a body of water way way inland,even on the st lawrence seaway,I can take the time to go.I can take a big bend route,a coastal route,but I already know califungus is out of the question.not that its too far mind you,its just that I took a silent vow never to return there,except for my next trip back from hawaii.besides,I heard the harbor patrols there now carry guns

sailnaway 12-03-2004 05:10 AM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
I think I will soon be labeled a radical if you have read some of my other posts but what the hell. We my wife and I bouight our boat after I almost died a couple of years ago and the doctors said remove the stress. I had been a sailor all my life so back to the sea we went the first time for her. I have been shocked and dismayed at all the control checks and measures they have placed on boaters. The marine patrol running around like a swat team in high speed boats armed and dangerous useing things like this Home Land Security crap to overstep thier boundries. Anyway hassel free not happinin not to bad then you need to come check out New Orleans thier are a couple of nice marinas cheep and not to much hassel one is a liveabord the other is an extended stay no liveabord ;) I will get you the info on them if you want OH both require $350.000 damage coverage cost me $160 a year and then $325 every three months for a forty foot slip. The marina has a security gate showers laundry security guards casino concreat piers good water??? and good electric.You pay for phone and electric no mail you have to have a PO box.

starcresttoo 12-04-2004 10:28 AM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
In my feild of work (allied health) I can pretty much go anywhere I want.I am looking for places to go in the future and since I have parents on both coasts new orleans sounds like a good "go between".I have a 30 foot sloop that has been minimally damaged by one of this years storms.I am now in a haul out yard that has no problem with so called "extended stays"(thats a good term,Ill use it more often)and will probably be here until april.I woluld like to have specific names and locations of marinas.I would bet that damage control fee is to cover some storm damage and the like.If you can,get me fone numbers so I can call them for myself.much appreciated.the name here is Eric

sailnaway 12-17-2004 05:43 PM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
Oak Harbor is in Slidel east side of Louisiana close to the Rigilies which is the way to the gulf by a bayou that is grass and scrub trees not cyprus trees that winds its way like a river out to sea actually to the Missisippi Sound. It is the way you get into Lake Poncentrain where the other marinas are. We have two New Orleans municipal marinas east end and west end west is a cool place but the manager is a real pain in the ass he also hates boaters and was hired by the city as a token manager of ethnic background. Nice place to visit also more money than east end. So New Orleans Municipal Marina on Stars and Stripes Blvd has slips on a quarterly pay arangment which works out for about $107.00 per month good electric concrete piers security guard full time,carded gate parking a yacht club and Ballys Casino River boat. The neighborhood that is around the area is the only draw back kind of rough area.

starcresttoo 01-01-2005 03:29 PM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
you mean you cant walk around at nite with out a loadad weapon

sailnaway 01-08-2005 07:00 AM

where else to liveaboard hassle free
Hey Happy New Year I just got back from visiting my parents in Colorado for the real Christmas thing which was really a mess this year (long story) anyway you might not want to walk down Dowman Street at night but you can drive to the topless bar where they have guards and allot of white foke hahahah what a town. Never a dull moment here. This is the address and phone for the marina 30 slips are filling up but they have quite a few still open if you want I can look at the slips for you and tell you if it is crammed in the corner or if you like it out on the end like we do I will look.
South Shore Harbor
6701 Stars and Stripes Blvd
70126 504-245-3152
I am thinking Oke Harbor in Slidel may be a good spot but I need to do some home work on that one I hear rumors about theft which is not an issue here as we have guards and the place is gated. The park area around the marina is cobblestone and landscaped fairly nice.

seafrontiersman 01-08-2010 06:01 PM

I live in Florida but I work in Lousiana and have done so for years and I can tell you that Lousiana is not so much a state or a geographical entity as a scheme to separate you from your money as fast as possible.

I can assure you that you will be cheated, threatened, or otherwise taken advantage of within a year of arrival. Also, the people are largely ignorant, insular, and violent; the whole "Southern Hospitality" bit is a sham. The whole lower half of Lousiana is VERY dirty and the "if you ain't a coonas, you ain't ****" attitude is pretty grating after a while.

On the other hand if you have oxycontin, lortabs, or methamphetamines to trade to the locals, you can get anything you want as long as you give the local police a cut.

Just telling you what I've observed for the last ten years. Good luck!

midnightsailor 01-08-2010 06:27 PM

Seafrontiersman, 51 posts ,you been here for almost a year and you still hav'nt learned to check the dates?;) . Anyway , thanks for the heads up on the area, Now I know where to aviud...unless of course I wanna get rid of all my drugs:laugher :laugher Rick

MARC2012 01-08-2010 09:08 PM

Definitely old thread pre katrina.I am from Louisiana & a coon ass & can not think of a worse place to be than nola.marc ps slidell/covington used to be ok.

kredit 01-09-2010 04:58 AM

norway my friend. I emigrated , though,but pay 100usd a month to live in a socialized marina (only myself,too!) and havent had one blip in 2 years . In fact hassling doesnt really exist here as they have natural law competing healthily with the written. People are very respectful of privat space and well,you just wouldnt believe it. Ive been planning to move to florida but its a big decision as to what to give up. I get only 4-5 months decent sailing and with that alot of rain. Its extrememly beautiful,the fjords and such.

I pay 40usd to haul my boat and a little more if I want it inside the big båthus. The winters are like Scotland as we get the gulfcoast patterns so dont believe the hype bout scandoland.
good luck

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