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morgancountryman 08-26-2006 02:46 PM

looking for a live aborad vessel
my wife and myself are looking for a live aborad boat that we can make payments on (in the ammont of not less than 1000. a month to possably more) from the owner.
conditions are you keep the boat and put the title in escrow untill it is paid in full at wich time we will pick up.
price not more than 6K or more if more we can work out the details. i dont mind doing work on boats(if you have a fixer upper) i enjoy it actually. 32' to what ever we can afford.
would like a small diesel
bluewater able

anyone have a older boat we can pick up feel free to email me @

btrayfors 08-26-2006 04:14 PM

Don't mean to rain on your parade, and very much sympathize with what you're looking for. You might find it, but be aware that most savvy mariners would shy away from such an arrangement due to the insurance and liability questions involved.

I know of a guy who "held the paper" for someone in need, the boat sunk, he was responsible for the salvage, the cleanup, etc. Wound up costing him an arm and a leg, figuratively, and his 53' Hatteras literally.

It's a HUGE risk in these days of heavy and sometimes mindless litigation, dicey insurance coverage, etc.

Better to save your money for 6 months or whatever it takes, then buy a boat outright.


sailingdog 08-26-2006 07:06 PM

A top end price of $6000 is going to really limit the choice of boats you'll have. I doubt that anyone with a boat in that price range is willing to do anything but a straight cash deal...too many risks involved, for not enough reward IMHO, as btrayfors pointed out.

A bluewater capable boat in the price range is likely to be a complete wreck, and it doesn't sound like you have the finances to re-build or re-fit it. Yes, sweat equity can help a lot with lowering the costs of a boat, but there are still things that will cost money.

morgancountryman 08-27-2006 11:19 AM

tahnks for your responses, i am working on a couple of cash deals i just hate dealing with dealers, and prefer to deal with owners. the type of boat i am looking for for 6k wouldnt be in the water. its the one that sits out back untouched while everyone scratches thier head trying to figgure out what to do with it, or they ignore it alltogether. i have rebuilt 2 sailboats this way and the last one i lost in katrina. but rebuilding on land really bites.
sorry to bother ya'll if you arent intrested but i am a firm believer in its a free question, and how many of us would be sailors if we let the fear of being told no get in the way.

so with that i do thank you for your responses and will keep looking.....

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