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EtherCat 01-06-2002 07:16 PM

Just wanted to be the first
Who here is living aboard? What? Where?
What do you say to people who say either ''Isnt that crazy/scary/impractical'', or ''I wish I could do that, but I just couldnt''

Im refitting a 32'' Westerly Pentland and will be moving aboard early next summer

sailorman_10 01-07-2002 07:14 AM

Just wanted to be the first
Well, although I do not live aboard yet, when my wife gives me that response I tell her to not wait too long before she finds herself a new husband cause her times comin.

auto 01-07-2002 09:01 AM

Just wanted to be the first
We (me, wife, 8y/o son and dog) have lived aboard here for almost 4 years now. We cant even imagine living in a dirt house now. We are currently out fitting our formosa 41 to do some serious offshore cruising.

FTHOMSON 01-07-2002 08:37 PM

Just wanted to be the first

My girlfriend lives aboard our 35'' Cheoy Lee and I manage to get there on weekends, work allowing. We try to go out for a sail on the weekends but it is not always possible. We are repairing/replacing bits and pieces. Our goal is to begin our crusing life from here when my contract finishes in Sept 2003. The clock is ticking... :-)
Currently the boat is in the marina in Ashkelon Israel.

s/y Polonaise

BigRed56 01-13-2002 06:09 AM

Just wanted to be the first
Ahoy sailorman, This is what I say about the wifes opinion. It''s okay honey you don''t have to stay on the boat with me but the day this refit is done you''d better like living in hotels while you chase me around the world. Ohh yeah don''t forget to bring groceries with you. Arrh Big Red 56 Pirate.

b2sail 01-19-2002 08:45 AM

Just wanted to be the first
My wife and 1 year old daughter have lived aboard in the Pacific NW for almost a year (Irwin 44''). Has anyone else raised a child onboard?

jwewing 02-01-2002 07:38 AM

Just wanted to be the first
Hi All,

I liveaboard my Hunter 37.5 in SE Florida. I''ve only been doing so for about 5 months but now that I''m *starting* to figure out where everything goes it''s beginning to feel like home. It''s great to be able to untie your house and go away for a day or week or month and still have all the comforts of home. My biggest concerns so far have been the transition from "daysailer" to liveaboard. Much more involved than I had thought. Also the joys of moving my business from an office to a Tupperware box too a little to work through.

But I''m in a great marina, lots of other liveaboards, and only 1 year two months until I make the transition from liveaboard to cruiser.


bobneidhardt 02-11-2002 04:48 AM

Just wanted to be the first

It''s great to see this new message board. I have been planning, dreaming, and working towards living aboard for about 10 years. I''m still about 2 years away (maybe less). I am currently, sailing and refitting/improving a 43 Irwin center cockpit. It has most of what we will need for cruising the ICW, east coast of the US and Bahamas while staying away from the weather (too hot & too cold).

I have a couple of interesting reads for you. A book by the name of "All in the Same Boat" by Tom Neale is all about living on board, while cruising and raising 2 children ... including home (boat) schooling. Tom also writes a newsletter from the boat. It''s called Cruising Coast and Islands and dedicates itself to the US east coast and the Bahamas. You can find him at

My big question is: Do we have a home on land or not and why?

manateee_gene 02-11-2002 10:00 AM

Just wanted to be the first
Well,bob:I''ll give you one point of view,there are as many as there are liveaboard cruisers.
First we also have Tom''s book,we are charter
members of the newsletter.For the record the newsletter is what caused us to turn around in Baja Mexico and sail back to San Diego
and ship our boat to the Right Coast.We have lived aboard a series of boats since 1957 and
travelled extensively on the world''s oceans.
We have talked to more people than you would want to know about.Sooner or later everyone
except maybe Tom! wants a home base to come back to and work on the boat,stretch the Sea Legs,pay their taxes and just plain not worry
about whether the hook is going to drag,yours or your neighbors.I cannot tell you about others but this is what we have finally settled for our option.We first bought a place on the St.Johns River in northern Florida with our own cove.(See pic
under dancy8888 on last weeks CWBB.)It was
too cold in the winter so we looked further south.Found a really nice spot on the Braden River at the city limits of Bradenton.For a relatively small sum we purchased a 12x42 older but in excellent condition mobile home.
The space rent is CHEEEEEP.A side tie for the boat is included.For most people it wouldn''t be tennible because if you draw over 4'' of water your S.O.L.Our lives have reached a point where we spend 6-8 mo''s
aboard and love it;then its time to hit the land base for a recharge of the batteries.
So you have one OLD Salts view.
On the subject of boats.I have what I want and would''t trade it for anything afloat;that said if your looking for a good home,relatively good sailing capability,
and a "skinny water" boat for 100K you could much worse than a Krogen 38 center board model.
Good luck,fairwinds and following seas and
pleasant anchorages. Gene

bobneidhardt 02-11-2002 11:34 AM

Just wanted to be the first

Well thanks for your point of view and other thoughts. You agree with my wife. It sounds like you speak from much experience. I am just thinking that we don''t have to make the decision, of where, right away. It''s different than just going cruising for 2 weeks and coming home. How much we like it could influence what we want, can afford, and where it should be.

Weren''t Krogens available in both a "kit" form and a factory finished version. If yes, which is yours? They are pretty boats.

I agree about shoal draft, yet I''m not a centerboard fan. Had one that was stuck up more times than it wasn''t! My boat draws 4''11", pretty slim for a boat it''s size. That was important because of the ICW work we plan to do, the Bahamas, and we would like to get back to the area we are now, during the summers. Yet, it is far too expensive to keep a home here. We keep the boat in the Toms River/Barnegat Bay NJ area. Someplace south would be nice. A small condo where I don''t have to do much. It''s funny, but I love working on the boat, and hate working on or around the house. It wasn''t always that way.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

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