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halyardz 01-13-2002 02:23 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Since this board is so low on the list, I think many folks pass it by. I''m in need of some general info on leaving my boat in SW FLA and living aboard it part of the time as we transition to living in FL full time.

BigRed56 01-13-2002 06:13 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Ahoy halyardz I am living your plan now. What area are you going to be in and if your like us you''ll find its very difficult to be in two places at once. Cutting the ties is another thing all together. I have a list of liveaboard marinas and prices from the newspaper in FT Myers / Port Charlotte area if it helps. See you on the horizon. Pirate of Pine Island,

manateee_gene 01-13-2002 07:19 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Marathon in the keys has a big liveaboard fleet at anchorage.Depending on your budget A couple of marinas in Marathon charge about $750 for a 42''er with liveaboard priviledges,electric is seperate.You can anchor out at Bradenton on the West Coast
right across from the marina, in front of the county park.A couple of boats hve been there for at least 6mo.There is a launch ramp and heads aqshore there and no charge to chain up your dinghy!

manateee_gene 01-13-2002 07:23 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
I''m always curious about other chat rooms or boards,perhaps ypu could e-mail me some of those you look at!

manateee_gene 01-13-2002 07:23 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
I''m always curious about other chat rooms or boards,perhaps ypu could e-mail me some of those you look at!

halyardz 01-13-2002 02:05 PM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
I''d like to see that list from Ft Myers and
learn more about the Bradenton area. Those
represent the north/south of our target range. Red, how''s that transition going you
old crusty pirate?

BigRed56 01-13-2002 06:24 PM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Ahoy, halyardz , I can be reached at mredden@earthlink .net . I''ll have this article and list scanned onto a disk and then I can send it to you. As far as the transition things are going well the boat is progressing well and the only complaint would be the variety and interesting diversions available here . My marina ,a commercial fishing outpost, isn''t what you''d think to be the kind of place on anyones list but it sure is cheap enough and very close to the gulf at the mouth of Charlotte harbor. $4.00'' plus tax per month. I''ve had more trouble with bankers and loan people and the like understanding the concept of dual residency. Health Insurance went way up , auto way down. Some of this stuff forces you to chose residency one place or the other, so look at each process carefully. Wound up with two internet providers double all utility stuff(if you keep the fridge and heat on up north). Starts to motivate one to cut the ties. I''ve kept my fiberglass business up north and can operate here but the idea of moving my shop here is scary. Tractor trailer scary. Otherwise all is well. Our motto is go slow look at every move six ways and keep looking ahead. Sailing here is great and we have our first winter guest comming down for a sail. Nice to be able to play with life a little. Love all the posite response here at sailnet and hope me pirate ways don''t offend too many of me aquaintences. Then again wot''s the plank for anyway? Big Red the Pirate of Pine Island. See you on the horizon (smoking from me broadside I thinks)

halyardz 01-15-2002 01:05 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Big Red, thanks for the post. I gave you a back channel hail. We are gonna have to keep a house up here for a few years to see the kids settled but plan to bring the boat down in 03 or 04 at the latest. While we plan to retire, we also plan to work parttime to fund the cruising habit. We figured once the final move is made, we get
a $10k boost to income from not paying NYS income tax and huge property tax bills but the FLA salaries are lower too. Yah, the health insurance might be a PITA too.

Darcy...what type of boards are you interested in? In terms of chat, the CWBB is about the busiest with good info.

Snap 01-18-2002 04:41 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Yo Beeg Red LVI (a.k.a. Pirate of Pine Island),

Is that offer of a list of live-aboard marinas and prices in the Fort Meyers/Port Charlotte area available to sailors other than halyardz? I left an email for you at but haven''t gotten a response. I don''t mean to be a pest but I''d appreciate a copy of the list if it isn''t too much of a bother. The offer of the rum''n''cokes or Dark''n''Stormys stands regardless...Thanks

marsh025 01-21-2002 07:16 AM

SW FLA & Part-time Liveaboards
Hello to all. I was wondering if someone could give me some ideas as to where I could find a reasonable live aboard community around the south Florida area either near Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, or surrounding communities. Also how much would it cost?

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