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el 01-31-2002 02:17 PM

Advise to those moving aboard?
We would like to hear from those who live aboard and primarily stick to coastal cruising:

1) What is the handiest item you have aboard? Something you just can''t live without(non-human).

2) What single thing onboard cause you the most problems? (Excluding your spouse!!)

3) What is the most important piece of advice you can offer to those getting ready to move aboard for extended cruising?

Big Red; we can''t wait to hear from you!

EtherCat 01-31-2002 08:43 PM

Advise to those moving aboard?
I lived aboard a 22'' sloop for 4 months as a test to see if I liked it enough to do it permanently on a larger boat (the answer was a resounding YES)

1) The handiest item aboard was the VHF radio; my sailing partner in his boat did not have one, and really wished he did. Used almost daily for weather reports, bridge openings, asking directions or advice, making dinner plans, finding fuel and water, and confirming that the really big container ship behind you really *does* know youre there.

2) The single biggest hassel aboard was the dinghy - a cheap inflatable meant for lakes and rivers - it towed poorly, even with the bow lifted in a sling, rowed even worse, motored well til the tiny electric motor broke, and had a tendency to turn over in high winds... one time in very high winds (25-30kt) it actually flew like a kite at the end of the painter.

3) Put a lot of thought into what you bring aboard. Assuming most coastal cruisers are around the 30'' range, youre going to have slightly more storage and living space than, say, a Volkswagen Bus. I packed everything I thought I might need into that boat, and never touched half of it. I think ''Sensible Cruising'' says it best; something like ''dont think about what you can live with, think about what you cant live without''.

halyardz 02-01-2002 01:33 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
1-handy...a good tool kit, 2-hassle...little leaks from unknown sources, 3-pack light, then reduce it by 30%, don''t scrimp on safety gear or communications, maximize storage (few really do,use a berth as you seldom have 4-6 sleeping on board) spare engine parts, and good 12v system.

BigRed56 02-01-2002 04:12 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
Ahoy, el, avast there ye knave ye not be from the " what n da h..''s " from Boston are ye? He.. He.. He.., sorry me simple mind gets out when me blood rum level gets low! AAHH thats better. Damn morning cafe taken up all that cup space for me rum. Ok me ballast is shifted and me keel be strait''n. What was that question ye had for ye Captian.. oh yeah well my wif(affectionatley referd to as me mushroom anchor) mighten dissagree wit me but technically I don''t live aboard. Used to be me cork screw but dem twiste caps fixed dat, damn Gulp , ahh , slipped on me deck again .Handiest you say? wit out a dought it would be the complete set of(5) 18V Dewalt power tools with extra batteries and chargers. Ye can tackle any project or repair ye need or want to do. Second would be your own swagging tools for yer rigging .Of course plenty of spare parts including stainless screws nuts bolts washers (I have no less that 25lbs of the stuff wit me at all times ) . Buy wholesale when ye start out and you''ll save yer self a lot of coin in the future. Why I even been know to sell some of me stock to unwary vessels at a pretty profit too.

Next item on ye manifest of questions? Can''t live wit out? I would tell ye about dem large rubber neon johnny sacks for ye port calls but wit the ole mushroom anchor tacking back and forth behind me shoulder I''ll lay another course.
Id have to say Ice, refridgeration. Dis here old salt could live offen the sea and keep h''is self appy with eggs wrapped in wax but me crew demands I provide more. So the second item would be the space for all that under me deck. In my climate formaldihide crystal packets are absolutley necessary for any period of shore leave when ye have to button up yer ship to keep the land sharks out.

Most problems ... eehh what problems? Ye be hearin tales yer captin ought to know about!! speak up ye knave. Gulp, gulp,AAHH, aye, sorry agin me chinks are a might testy today. Hiv testing after one of me bloody battles comes to mind but I figures I got enough run in be to kill even that. Aye but dem other bacteria be it on the cabin top on in de head or in ye cuts can be a constant chore to be sure. Me ships surgeon keeps his larder well stocked with all manner of ointments and dressings and powders, to repair the damage and keep ye fit for work. Aye the corrosive natureof the salt air on the electronics be just as particular to keep up wit lest ye be weak in a time of dire need.

Ye last question be the most difficult and me thinks ye be trying me patience wit ye foolish plans and dreams. Avast there... be yer answer in me wake. Ye got to be ready to fly yer Pirates flag and be dammed of it all. But truely I mean this no kidding .. you have to do it and not let anyone even yourself stop you. Make the hard decisions that keep you moving foward. Prepare , buy your vessel, stock your stores, minimize your need to interact with the outside world, and go. Time is comming like a freight train to put you back on shore for good. Im 45 and though I could make another 15 years of income whats the point? I barely have enough income to make it and thats just fine. When I need more than I have I go work for a temp agency or pick up odd jobs. In the real world Im here your there any questions? See you on the horizon! Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.

manateee_gene 02-01-2002 08:38 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
The most SAGE advice I could give a NEWBIE LIVEABOARD IS: bring aboard what you need to feel comfortable to cook immediate meals.Clothes for two days!! Your personal Hygiene needs.GO!!!! After that !! add only what you really need. you would be surprised how little you really need!

manateee_gene 02-01-2002 08:50 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
A good autopilot,Force 10 BBQ,attached to a 20# Propane tank,a PortaPottie and a bucket!
A survivor Refer.(operates on 12v,110ac,propane)Computer with charts,KvH
paper chart plotter,Good anchors and anchoring related gear!

manateee_gene 02-01-2002 08:53 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
Oh!! we carry a nester dinghy.a very good IDEAL electric winch to pull us off all the places we get stuck when we explore!
The biggest problem!! Muddy anchor gear, get a good washdown system

manateee_gene 02-01-2002 09:08 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
hEY:HALYARDZ how many times have you left the security of S.D. Bay and actually gone offshore???From what your Bio shows to me your a NEWBIE!!!
Your advice should be taken with a grain of Salt Water(Blue That Is)

halyardz 02-02-2002 02:14 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
dancy8888, I don''t pretend to have heavy blue water experience. Should I stop contributing?

BigRed56 02-02-2002 02:43 AM

Advise to those moving aboard?
Ahoy me matey''s Dancy8888 and Halyardz ye both be good seamen in me book . But if ye''s feel the neeed to slug it out on me deck well... ok I''ll referee the bout but mind ye I ain''t about to let the Marquis of Queensbury git in da way of me decisions. Aye I''ll stop ye before someone gets kilt, but mind ye when its over yer gonna have to kiss like the good Pirates ye are. Me thinks the topic of yer arguments about blue salt and sea salt ? Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.

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