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BigRed56 02-02-2002 02:50 AM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
Ahoy me matey''s , there be a fine argument brewing below deck of me ship and in the fleet in general. The question is simply stated in the Topic. Avast there ye knaves out wit it, once and for all we''ll put this one in de hammock and let it swing in the wind.Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island

duffyM 02-02-2002 03:22 AM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
I''ve learned that if yu wants yer rum ration daily and piece and quiet and tasty food fer yer belly and a little - - - to keep ya feeling good then by all means she is a much better sailor than I, and don''t forget all have trouble saying those three little words "i don''t know".

Jeff_H 02-02-2002 08:11 AM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
This is a question without a single right answer. Each type of sailing has its own special requirements. Off hand there is absolutely nothing about living aboard that in and of itself makes for good sailing skills.

Bluewater cruising requires a lot more independence and the ability to repair your own boat, and greater skills in over the horizon navigation, weather prediction, heavy weather sailing strategy, and today seems to imply a range of skills such as radio communications and leaving and entering countries requirements.

Coastal sailing requires better piloting skills, dealing with currents and entering strange ports. Performance becomes more critical, in particular, light air performance becomes more critical.

Of course if by ''best sailor'' you mean getting the most out of a boat, then the racing sailor knows how to get the best speed, play currents and wind shifts, maneuver in tight quarters, and really get the most out of a boat through sail trim and boat handling.


BigRed56 02-03-2002 01:30 PM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
Ahoy me matey Jeff_ , you had me nodding me head in approval wit ye right up to the point where you started jibing round me stern and sticking yer wisker pole where it don''t belong. I think we all be racers inside no matter what we sail and I can''t imagine any one with access to the water like we enjoy, to limit therselves to racing. Sure there are fine points in racing but there also be a whole world of rules and regulations what makes no sence what so ever.
Such micro management of the field of play and the equiptment just serves to make racing an inter-active board game with little resemblence to the world of sailing. The often used term of "sport of sailing" is a misnomer and has little to do with the art of sailing. Sailing has never been a sport and until someone develops a better way to traverse the planet and enjoy the water it never will be. Big Red 56 the Pirate of Pine Island.

JEFryar 02-03-2002 02:41 PM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
I just have to add my own warped view here. Firstly are we talking about what makes the best "sailor" or "seaman"? I remember a story from Newport Calif. A sailor in the 30''s would sail single handed up to the Newport Yacht club to play tennis. He would step of his sloop onto the dock and let the vessel sail off by itself. By the time his match was done, he would meet his sloop coming back to the dock. If true he was a good sailor.
I humbly, love to tune my sailboat to the prevailing winds and waves so that it sails itself with the minimun input from me. I see the most astonished looks from passing sailors when they see me with my hands off the tiller while they are fighting theirs.I also love to go out when most are coming back, sail on full canvas when others are reefing. People here call me a great sailor. But this had very little to do with qualifing for a Master''s license. I have brought my fishing vessel back asking the Almighty only that my body not wash up on shore because people who knew me would be so angry that I was out when they thought I should not. So am I a good sailor, or a good seaman? I''ve known both that did not come back.
I sail to or just beyond my ability so that I can learn. I take no risks when I have passangers. I love the sea and take it for what it is, the ultimate challenge.
Just my warped view...JEF

Jeff_H 02-04-2002 01:42 AM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
I think JEF raised an ineresting point about your question. You asked "Who''s the better sailor?" If the question had been, "Who''s the better seaman?" Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal sailors each has their merits. But when you ask about sailing ability, nothing teaches sail trim, analyzing local conditions, and boat handling like racing, no racing teaches sail trim,analyzing local conditions and boat handling like racing one design.

I know you pirates ''don''t need no stinking rules'' and that ramming people is part of a pirate''s stock and trade, but for the rest of us, racing rules are mostly a slightly more sophisticated set of the rules of the road that anyone who sails must live by. I agree with you that I frankly do not advocate a sole diet of racing as a way to build skills. And I also agree with you that its hard to take time to enjoy the beauty of sailing when racing, but in terms of sailing skills building nothing beats racing.


thomas s 02-04-2002 03:32 PM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
Lets see , Liveaboards - My old marina in DC we had three liveaboards none of these boats or captains were capable of leaving the dock ( electric bilge pumps running constantly) these were also the same people who had magnificent tales of the sea, places they had been and places they were going(literally as their boat rots beneath them).Same thing here in NC only these boats leak more.One guys boat leaks so bad I loaned him a submersible pump(this is a pump I drain swimming pools out with)Yet he still tells me of all the places he is going.Right. I consider coastal sailing bay sailing, lake sailing, etc.Once you learn to deal with the fluky breezes and power boat chop what else.Blue water sailors are by far the elitist no question.

BigRed56 02-04-2002 04:20 PM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
Ahoy me scurvy knaves, the latest upto date exit polls here in the sunshine state ,known for screwy election outcomes , is the tally so far:
1 vote for WOMEN sailors
1 vote for RACING sailors
1 vote for WARPED sailors
1 vote for BLUE WATER sailors
With just ten percent of the precincts reporting this one could take longer than the last but not to worry I''ve asked the secretary of state to look into the irregularities and we''ll probably ave to have a court ruling on write in canidates and dimpled posts. Big Red the Pirate of Pine Island reporting from return central, now back to you where ever you are!

manateee_gene 02-04-2002 08:32 PM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
I vote for one-eyed,peglegged,rum soaked
Pirates.(That is a write in ballot with
two missing chads and a single dimple!!)

JEFryar 02-05-2002 03:03 AM

Live Aboard,Bluewater,Coastal- Who''''s the better sailor?
OK OK I Concede... BigRed wins this one. No one more deserving in my book.
How did you lose that leg?

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