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rogerleslie 02-06-2002 03:26 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
I would like to see some more answers to EL''s original questions:

1) What is the handiest item you have aboard? Something you just can''t can''t live without.

2) What single thing onboard causes you the most problems?

3) What is the most important piece of advise you can offer to those getting ready to move aboard for extended cruising?

PLEASE!! Let''s keep it civil this time.

manateee_gene 02-06-2002 03:37 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
The Must items:A good galley stove,if possible with oven.
Portapottie! Sunshower.
I''m not including basics like water,lighting,etc.
Decent bunk
The biggest problem child!!Boat heads,that is why we tossed ours overboard (20) years ago!
Hope this helps.

manateee_gene 02-06-2002 03:51 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
Without being combative! your question is much broader than one would think at first glance:examples:
Moving aboard and living at the dock entails
one set of parameters.
Moving aboard and living on the hook another.
Living aboard while actually cruising another
as a example:How big is your boat?Where are you going?for how Long?What are your resources,money wise?Can you replace money items with skills and make do?
Before anyone can really intelligently give you the answer to so broad of a question you have to set tight parameters on the questions.If you can do that you then are in the position to as form options to your own conclusions!
If you need help in some specific area I''d be glad to help and I''m certain others would too!After Feb 15th I''ll be offshore!

davidk 02-06-2002 05:06 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
1) Handiest is the bank account number that gives access to a plentiful supply of funds.
2) Most problematic is the bank account which requires refilling.
3) I was given a piece of advice from my boatbuilder who seemed to live the ideal life, spending all his time messing about in boats. He said "I have already told my daughter that if she wants a life spent on the sea she should go to school, pass all her exams, become an accountant, make loads of money ... and go sailing at week ends."

So thats what I did ... you can always go sailing for a couple of years here and there. It is very relaxing ... just insist your investment advisors don''t call you up too frequently ... oh, and make sure you pay your business managers a lot of money so they are truely committed to generating more and more for their boss. It is such a simple formula, I can''t understand why you don''t all follow it.

OK, yes I admit it, I do understand. There are two reasons:
1) All my favoutite anchorages would get crowded, and I would prefer it if the average person continued to fail to realise you only live once.
2) I couldn''t enjoy the company of my friends if they were as arogant as I am.

thomas s 02-06-2002 06:18 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
8888, agree with you on the head. Is thier a porti potti out there that you could pump overboard once you were back at sea.

ndsailor 02-07-2002 04:54 PM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
Hmmm lets see....Handiest item? A helpful companion that shares your passion for sailing....Something I just can''t live without? all my good sailing aquaintences on the water....What single thing aboard causes the most problems?...My helpful companion previously mentioned....What important advice to offer?...Well...thats the question that got everyone in such a huff the first time...just get a boat and go...figure things out for yourself ,,, everyone has their own unique wants and needs (which is a good thing,,,right BIGRed...Rick

BigRed56 02-09-2002 10:22 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
Ahoy,NDS, YES. That and a sence of humor and adventure and a good healthy dose of a ,DEATH WISH, particulary when crusing waters invested by PIRATES!!!. Big Red 56 The Pirate of Pine Island

irradicable 10-18-2002 02:49 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track
And which Pine Island would that be?

DuaneIsing 10-18-2002 03:14 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track

We haven''t seen BigRed56 around these boards for quite a while. He might be on a plundering and pillaging sabbatical, but let''s hope he''s OK.

As to your question, Pine Island is just west of Cape Coral (near Fort Myers) on the SW coast of Florida. You almost need a hovercraft to get near the shoreline in most areas since the water is so thin there.

Fair winds,

ndsailor 06-06-2003 08:47 AM

Advise to "newbie" - back on track

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