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mrh116 06-12-2007 12:59 PM

liveaboard marinas in the NYC area

Hello! I'm new to the sailnet community. I joined so I could ask if anyone knows any marinas in the New York City area that allow liveaboards. The only one I found that actually allows them is much more of a power boat marina on the Hudson where the current is rather quick. I'm interested in the Long Island Sound area where there is some sailing to be done.

My concern is the legality of liveaboards in the NY area. I don't know if they are cracking down on it or if it is OK. Some people have told me that they basically shut down living aboard on the south side of Long Island. I have no way to confirm that, so I'm asking for info here. I don't want to buy the boat, get the slip, etc... and end up 'homeless' due to some stupid rule change.

Any info would be appreciated.


hellosailor 06-12-2007 06:05 PM

There is no "they" cracking down, just marinas who aren't interested in extra hassles when they can book up full with folks who are around less often.

mrh116 06-14-2007 12:55 PM

Thanks for the link referrals. I have been told lots of information about local communities citing zoning laws on living aboard and dozens of other stories, but wasn't sure what was true or not. I have looked at marinas in port washington, liberty landing and genrally 90% of the marinas in the NYC area.

It is a difficult area to liveaboard. I have only found two that state they allow it and that they know of no legal issues. One is not a good sailboat marina and the other is a good location. I just question the longevity of the situation.

This has been helpful. I will need to weigh the risk and make a decision soon.

Thanks again!

hellosailor 06-14-2007 01:05 PM

So which two are openly allowing it? Rates?

Melrna 06-15-2007 02:22 PM

Liberty Landing Marina allows "Stayaboards" hehehe ( other term for liveaboards but don't mention that name). If you can get a slip now and if you can stomach the yearly rate ($195' per year plus utilities) there is a nice community there. Management sucks but the marina is nice and so are the sailors there. Marina is protected: no wakes or big currents in the marina from the Hudson river either. Only one that I know of on Hudson. It is NJ state run and the state doesn't know what it is doing for the most part. Good luck

mrh116 06-15-2007 05:07 PM

The first marina is Lincoln Harbor Yacht club on the Hudson. Not a bad location. Great access to the city. Very protected, but the Hudson can run pretty quick in that area and it would be quite undesirable in my opinion to run a sailboat from that location during a strong rip tide. The river runs about 6kts there from what I gather. In addition, the harbor master made it quite clear that he makes his $$$ from fuel and sailboaters are 'cheap' in his opinion. Not a good attitude if he wants my business. So, I'd do a trawler there, but no a sailboat. The prices were not too bad. They are posted on their web site:

Lincoln Harbor Yacht Club: on the Hudson River, in NY Harbor (Weehawken, NJ), directly across from New York City

The second place is in port washington. I honestly forget the name of the marina. There is a yacht club and a marina right next to each other. They are one cove over from Brewer Capri. I think it is either Tom's Point Marina or Haven Marina. In addition, the small yacht club has liveaboards, but has no water for a sailboat. ~3' mean tide. The price was expensive at the place that allowed liveaboards. I am recalling ~$200/ft/yr plus other fees. They did have heated dock water lines for winter service. I don't recall if the facilities were open in the winter or if you have to be self contained.

I am familiar w/ Liberty Landing and it's 'stay aboard' policy. I am a risk averse person and my employer has already told me that if I live on a boat, it had better never become a problem w/ my work. So any hassels could cause me additional problems.

I will re-post if I decide to pull the trigger and become a functional boat-bum. It has been a dream for quite some time, but has always eluded me for various reasons. I'd like to get a nice 40'+ cruiser and prep for 'early retirement' when the boat is paid off.

Sailing is one of the best things you can do w/ your clothes on. And hell, in the right company, clothing can be optional:D


hellosailor 06-16-2007 12:12 AM

Six knots in NY harbor or on the Hudson? No way, not unless they sneaked in turbines to boost the flow.<G> Maybe at flood in the Hell Gate, but not on the Hudson. Four knots, sometimes, briefly, tops. 2-3 more typical and 2 most likely, which is one reason the harbor silts up so nicely.

So Lincoln Harbor and Liberty Landing are both accepting "occupied" boats? Nice to know someone still is. 200/ft may seem high--but even NJ rents on the Hudson aren't cheap, you can figure a small studio apartment for $1500/month is considered a bargain, that's the comparison point. That would price out against about a 90' boat if I haven't messed up my math again.<G> Except of course the apartment sometimes includes heat and hot water at that price.<G>

sailaway21 06-17-2007 12:41 AM

Just a word on Port Washington. If you are not familiar with the area. It is one of the most expensive communities on the planet.(g) I would be really diligent in scoping out my projected costs if planning on locating there. The area is known for some pretty strict, if not prohibitive, zoning ordnances and I doubt they have missed the waterfront. You would be close to the Long Island Railroad station, though.

mrh116 06-19-2007 10:44 AM

Sorry for the late reply. I'm out of town.

I am aware of the cost of the living situation in both the Hoboken and the Port Washington area. At first I was thinking of living aboard to avoid the high cost of rents in the Manhattan and Hoboken areas, but I have subsequently decided that I can live in an area like Mont Clare (sp?) and get a decent rent price. At this time, it would be more about living the 'dream' and working toward paying off an early retirement home.

The thing weighing on me now that makes me want to take the risk is the price of boats and the low interest rates. Have you guys seen the price of boats? I am seeing Hans Christians that were mid $200ks a year or two ago and now they are asking $180k, $190k and there are dozens of them on the market. Prices are still coming down.

I recently viewed a custom 43' Hank Hinkley design in Charleston SC. It went on the market 18 months ago for $235k. It is still sitting at the dock for $135k. The boat was beautiful, just not a good liveaboard. I think that we are in an extremely out of balance buyers market and it would be a great time to get a boat that would normally be out of your price range.


hellosailor 06-19-2007 03:17 PM

Mark, I'd suspect part of what you see is not from the used boat market per se but from the crazy real estate market peaking. In the past few years there have been a lot of "get rich with real estate" scams, ergh, seminars, given. And a lot of people who shouldn't have gambled in marginal real estate did, while overextending themselves with predatory mortgages. Boom's busted now, and they are trying to call in all of their chips--which may include the boat they were told they could afford with the paper riches.

A Hinckley dropping by 40% sounds like the odd boat, i.e. way overpriced to begin with, or terribly wrong. I've noticed used boat prices weren't going UP any more but assumed it was because "the same" old boats were getting older <G> and the Katrina/Wilma search for replacement boats cleared a number off the used market--it went up for a while. Then again, increasing petro prices are making new boats mor expensive, which should raise used boat prices.

But a lot of people believed a lot of real estate programs, foreclosures are at record levels and that should be affecting pretty much everything.

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